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Local History Group

August 28, 2020

“In a street near to and South of Blewbury Church is a large brick and timber-framed building, now and originally a dwelling house, but which served for a long period as an Independent Chapel, the interior floors having been cleared away to adapt it to this purpose; at the North end was a pulpit, and at the South end a gallery, and I remember it in this condition about 1848, though not then used except as a barn. Within the house, affixed to the woodwork, is a wooden panel with the inscription in raised letters : I.A.L. 1651.”

This is just a fraction of the information we have on just one house in the village – in this case Abners in Church Road. Our volunteers are scanning this and other documents to create a fully searchable database – so if you’d like to join us, either as a volunteer or simply as an interested browser of our records, we’d love to hear from you!

Our next meeting is on September 8th at 8pm. We hope to be able to hold this in person in the garden of Spring Cottage or St Michaels, both on Church Road. We will send out an email confirmation a week prior. If you wish to be included in the periodic emails of Blewbury history notes or receive the minutes of the meetings then please email Mark at