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Blewbury Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 8th June 7pm

To all Members of the Council:-
Chairman Dermot Mathias, Vice-Chair Lydia Inglis, Councillors Jane Gibson, Michael Penington, Lee Robinson, Mark Blythe, Mark Shayler, Camilla Burrow, Vaughan Humphries.

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 7.00 pm. This meeting will be held in the Melland Room at the Blewbury Clubhouse.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. Please contact the Clerk prior to the meeting to indicate your intention to attend, as numbers may be restricted.


E Cooper
Clerk to Blewbury Parish Council



1.     To receive apologies for absence

2.     To record any declarations of interests relating to this meeting


3.   To receive the County Councillor’s report from Cllr Sally Povolotsky

      7.1 Information on different traffic calming measures & costs

4.   To receive District Councillor’s report from Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne or Sarah Medley

5.   To receive the Lengthman’s report from David Hollick (see Appendix B below)

6.   To receive a report from the PCSO (if available)

7.   Open Forum

To receive representations from members of the public if present. Maximum 15 minutes (3 minutes per person).

8.   To approve previous minutes & report on any matters arising – All Cllrs


Minutes of the BPC AGM meeting held on 11th May 2022

Note: – Any changes to the minutes need to be agreed by a vote.

9. To hear the Planning Committee Report & Ratify/Agree Planning Responses – Cllr Lydia Inglis


9.1 To agree the Council’s response to the following consultations


9.1.1 P22/0975/LB St Michaels, Church Road, Blewbury

Replacing the plasterboard & skimming over. Insulation to be added to required depth of 170mm.

Deadline 18.06.22


9.1.2 P22/1140/HH Fieldside, London Rd, Blewbury

Replacement of glass roof over outside terrace at rear of house with spray painted white metal roof structure.

Deadline 18.06.22


9.1.3 LAVFUL/17392/22 Blueberry application for increased licencing hours.

BPC no objections with comments 25.05.22.


9.2 To note planning permissions received during the month


9.2.1 P22/V0669/FUL Rumseys Barn, London Road, Blewbury

Planning permission 10.05.22


9.2.2 P22/V0579/HH Upstones, Berry Lane, Blewbury

Planning permission 11.05.22


10.    To hear an update on Finance & Administration from the Clerk


10.1 To receive any updates on planned expenditure from contributions held

CIL funds held £15,273.28


10.2 To hear all other financial updates


10.2.1 End of month reconciliation sent in advance of the meeting to the Chairman. To be agreed & signed at the meeting.

10.2.2 Lloyds Bank account funds as of 31.05.22 were £110,527.43, inc. £11,909.51 village hall refurb funds. Final invoices totalling £30,343.29 received from MD Group & invoice for £300     received from Ridge, related to the VH refurb.

Net funds available £98,617.92.


10.3 To hear all other administrative updates


10.3.1 2021-22 Audit update Internal Audit progression

Internal audit signed off by IA on 24th May, with comments which are being addressed. Confirmation of Exercise of Public Rights dates

Friday 10th June to Thursday 21st July.


10.3.2 To adopt the LGA Model Councillor Code of conduct 2020 – All Cllrs


10.3.3 To discuss the request from Blewbury ReST, to support a refugee family, with funding of £1000 – Cllr Lydia Inglis


10.4 To agree authorisers for this month’s payments – All current signatories


10.5 To approve payments to be made under the general power of competence and within budgeted amounts as detailed in the table below – All Councillors





E Cooper/D Hollick/

E Holroyd

Clerk, Lengthman & Hall Administrator salaries & expenses for May £2260.12
NEST DD Clerk’s pension May £85.01
HMRC PAYE Clerk, Lengthman, Hall Admin May £399.79
Biffa Waste Services Ltd DD Waste services June £105.07


BT DD Clubhouse line rental June £40.66
Scottish Power DD Clubhouse electricity 03.05.22 £300.00
J Newman Clubhouse cleaning May £180.00
OALC Annual subs 1.4.22 – 31.3.22 £352.09
Didcot Plant Hire of dumper & excavator (footpath gravelling/cemetery path) £312.05
Complete Tree Services Tree work:- Cemetery, Cleeve, TFF car park £1488.00


Playground Facilities Resurfacing work to TFF Play Area £9257.89
Pear Technology Cemetery Mapping software annual fee £102.00
MD Group VH Refurb practical completion valuation 8 £17583.04
MD Group VH Refurb Valuation 9 retention release £12760.25
Ridge Post-contract administration, project management & completion of the defect rectification period £300.00
UCAB Donation (agreed May AGM, paid to be ratified) £2000.00
OCC Annual rent of land in grounds of Blewbury School £210.08
  Total £47,736.05





Savages Donation      £400.00
  Total £400.00

11.    To receive an update from VHEMC & on the Village Hall Refurbishment – Chairman Dermot Mathias


11.1 VHEMC update

11.2 Village Hall refurbishment update

Final invoices received see 10.2.2 above.


12.    To receive an update on the all things relating to the operation of the Clubhouse & the recreation ground –

         Cllrs Michael Penington, Jane Gibson & Lengthman David Hollick


           12.1 Clubhouse

12.1.1 Outdoor furniture update

12.1.3 Any other updates on any aspect of the Clubhouse


12.2 Recreation ground


13.    To receive an update on all aspects of TFF & car park – Cllrs Lee Robinson, Mark Shayler & Lengthman David Hollick


13.1 Play area surface upgrade update

13.2 Any other updates – Play area/TFF/Car Park


14.    To receive an update on Risk Management & Compliance – from the Clerk & Cllr Vaughan Humphries


14.1 Update on TFF incident on 1.5.22

14.2 Speed Watch update

14.3 Village defibrillators update

14.4 Any update or information on risk management & compliance


15.   To receive an update on issues relating to the Environment – from Cllr Camilla Burrow


15.1 Information from Sustainable Blewbury

15.2 Any other environmental issues


16.   To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces – from Cllrs Michael Penington, Lydia Inglis, Mark Blythe


16.1 To receive an update tree work at the Cleeve & Cemetery

Tree work completed 23rd May

16.2 Play Close Footpaths update

16.3 Footpath gravelling

Completed 23rd May

16.4 Any other update on Footways, Footpaths, rights of Ways & open spaces in & around the village


17.   To receive an update on any outstanding consultations – All Councillors


  1. To agree the date/venue of the next meeting(s) of the Council – All Councillors


Next full council meeting Wednesday 13th July at 7.00pm in the Melland Room.


Appendix A


No. Actions from May meeting When By
1. Clerk to check KAP spend in reserves. Actioned
2. Clerk to inform UCAB re donation. Actioned
3. Jane Gibson to research bigger bin(s) for use in the Clubhouse area Actioned
4. Dermot Mathias to speak to film contact re rubbish clearance in area of filming. June meeting
5. Clerk to complete surveys on EV charge points & disabled parking spaces Actioned
6. Clerk to send latest BT bill to MP Actioned
6.1 Michael Penington to look in to the Clubhouse BT bill Actioned
7. Lydia Inglis to provide ReST proposal to Council for consideration Actioned
8. Clerk to speak Rynat re TFF play area inspection Actioned
9. Mark Shayler to build lockable cover over TFF standpipe. ASAP
10. Clerk to order outdoor tables specified for Clubhouse – ordered by Cllr Michael Penington Actioned
11. Defibs – Vaughan Humphries to look in to funding & speak Blueberry ASAP
12. Clerk to provide Camilla Burrow with grass cutting information Actioned
13. All to consider information provided by Camilla Burrow on 11.5.22 re Sustainable Procurement June meeting
14. Mark Shayler to confirm to all which footpaths need gravelling, + dumper hire before Friday 20th Actioned
No. Actions from April meeting When By
2. Mark Shayler to revisit the work required to reinstate the smaller cemetery paths Actioned
13. Mark Blythe to speak Mr Kauntz re potential for hedge planting alongside concrete path C’fwd


No. Actions from March meeting When By
1. Hayleigh Gascoigne to provide an update on the process for Vale conservation area appraisal to ensure no delays for BPC submission. May meeting
3. Dermot Mathias to meet Ben Shaw (UPC Chairman) re Coffin Way TBA


No. Actions from February meeting When By
9. Camilla Burrow to gain understanding of PC hedges within village TBA



Appendix B – Lengthman’s Report – May 2022


Only minimal grass cutting this month as “No Mow May”.

TFF Play Area remains out of use while remedial work & safety checks are finalised. Spare top soil bags will be used in the cemetery & on the recreation ground.

KAP Play Area is sound except for some of the brown paintwork now beginning to peel off. Only painted last July!

Mark Shayler and I have refurbished nearly all of the remaining paths in the cemetery.

I will be cutting the footpaths and verges in June. So back to normal.

All equipment and buildings are in good order.

David Hollick, Lengthman.


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