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Minutes of the Blewbury Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th July 2019 in the Vale Room of the village hall.

In attendance:- Cllrs C Lakeland (Chair/CL), V Humphries (VH), J Gibson (JG), M Shayler (MS), M Penington (MP), M Jacobs (MJ), C Cameron (CC), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Mr D Hollick (Lengthman/DH), Mrs L Inglis, Cllr M Fox-Davies, Cllr H Gascoigne
  1. Apologies for absence

Cllrs M Blythe, D Lomas

  1. Declarations of interests relating to this meeting

None declared.

  1. County Councillor’s report

The County Councillor’s report was distributed ahead of the meeting and is included at the end of the minutes.

In addition, Cllr MF-D agreed the following:-

  • To chase the representative from Belway regarding the surfacing of the Chailey Gardens path.
  • To check on the reinstatement of the road name signs at the junction of Bessels Way with the Aston Tirrold turn.
  • To send details of the cycle path links around Blewbury to the Clerk.
  • To follow up on report of ‘half dead’ tree on Coffin Way on land belonging to the new development.
  • To investigate resolving the problem of the gap in the wooden barrier on the raised pavement side of   London Road.
  1. District Councillor’s report

The District Councillor’s report was distributed ahead of the meeting and is included at the end of the minutes.

  1. Lengthman’s report

The Lengthman’s report was distributed with the agenda and is included at the end of the minutes.

In addition, DH commented on the following:-

  • The overgrown vegetation from Boham’s House on to Westbrook Street. LI offered to speak to the residents regarding cutting this back.
  • Lavender overgrowing on the pavement on the London Road. CL offered to speak to the residents.
  • DH to cost obtain quotes for a replacement water heater in the kitchen of the Scout Hut.
  • The clutch on the Ferris has been replaced.
  • DH remarked on the level of rubbish left on TFF following use of the new BBQ area, including several BBQ trays & overflowing rubbish bins. JG offered to add an item to the Blewbury Bulletin requesting  that people take all of their rubbish home from TFF.
  1. Open Forum

No general public present.

  1. Approve previous minutes

7.1 Minutes of the Blewbury Annual Parish Meeting and the Blewbury Village Society AGM 3.4.19

7.2 Minutes of the BPC AGM 8.5.19

7.3 Minutes of the BPC meeting 12.6.19

The above minutes were approved by the council with no amendments or matters arising and were signed off by the Chair.

  1. Outstanding Actions from previous meetings and any matters arising

Confirm whether actions are cleared, carried forward or cancelled.

No. Actions arising from June meeting Target Date
1 Play area annual inspection – report received, aw invoice. August meeting
2 JG / VH to provide a steer on CIL money expenditure. Cleared
3 MS to inspect skate ramp and provide feedback. Cleared
4 MP to liaise with EC to carry out first financial scrutiny in July cfwd
5 EC to investigate switch from Santander to Lloyds Cleared
6 Footpath / hedge laying near Savages. CL & DH to investigate Ongoing
7 MS to investigate & see if there is a short-term solution to pot holes in Heather Way. cfwd
8 Cleeve clearance to be organised by DH, MP, MB cfwd
9 MS to provide details of BBQ contributors for CL to write letters of thanks. Cleared
10 EC to verify skate ramp refurb quote. Cleared


No. Actions arising from March meeting Target Date
8. CL to action transfer of funds from Santander current account to deposit account to create ‘Black Swan reserve of £10,000. No action until new banking arrangements in place.
No. Actions arising from February meeting Target Date
4. DH & MP offered their help in the refurbishment of the sign at the Cleeve Ongoing


  1. Village hall refurbishment Update

The current estimate of £460k + VAT & fees is being looked at with a view to reducing the cost. The results of grant applications are awaited.

  1. Recreation Ground

10.1 Update on the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse recently passed a water standard test, with the UV tubes to be replaced as & when necessary by the Clubhouse personnel. The blockage of waste pipes is still to be addressed.

10.2 Update on the recreation ground

There are cricket games planned over the summer.

  1. Planning & Housing

11.1 Planning committee report

11.2 To approve responses to current applications

112.1 P19/V1421/FUL Blewbury Methodist Church,                                    Chapel Lane, Blewbury. Proposed conversion to single                                dwelling etc.  Deadline 17th July 2019.  MP declared a                                  conflict of interest so could not comment. BPC voted to                              object to this application on several grounds. CC to produce                    list of objections & forward to EC for submission on behalf                       of the PC.

11.2.2 P19/V1229/HH Yew Tree, London Road, Blewbury.                        Demolish existing shed & replace with 2 bay oak framed                            garage. Deadline 19th July 2019. BPC no objections.

11.2.3 P19/V1563/HH 44 Bridus Mead, Blewbury                                           Single storey rear extension. Deadline 26th July 2019                                   BPC no objections.

  1. Finance & Administration

12.1 Update on CIL or S106 contributions and approve planned expenditure.

12.1.1 Skate park refurbishment

The refurbishment  of the skate ramp surface by Radii Ramps, based on their quote dated 13.5.19 for a total of £2995 was agreed by the council. EC to inform Radii & obtain start date & length of time               needed for refurbishment.

12.1.2 TFF car park surface

No update to report.

12.2 To receive an update on financial arrangements

12.2.1 Online banking – change of bank update

EC to initiate change of bank from Santander to Lloyds.

12.3 To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts


Description / Power to spend Amount
E Cooper / D Hollick Clerk & Lengthman’s salary and expenses for April. £858.22
NEST Clerk’s pension June £69.43
HMRC Quarterly PAYE payment Clerk & Lengthman (April, May, June)



BT Payment Services Clubhouse line rental DD July         £33.00
Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services DD July £75.79
Oxfordshire CC Rent land in grounds of Blewbury School for period 8.6.19 to 7.6.20 £210.08
Lister Wilder Grease tube EP 400GM & Grease Gun-Side Lever £27.36
Blewbury VHMC

BPC Room Bookings April 2019-March 2020

Autumn Leaves room booking contribution



IAC Audit & Consultancy Ltd BPC Internal Audit Services in respect of 2018/19 annual return £294.00
VoWHDC Uncontested election fee £100.00
OCC *Councillor Priority Fund overpayment repayment £3810.00
Total   £6335.18


Major Receipts June 2019 Description Amount
27 June 2019

*OCC Councillor Priority Fund

Note:- correct payment should be £1875 (see repayment above)



Barclays Payments Description Amount
The Churn Benefice Printing of silent auction flyers for the Blewbury village hall refurbishment. £65.00


  1. Risk Management

13.1 To receive an update on TFF Play Space

See information above at 5. & 12. Above.

13.2 GDPR – to receive an update on GDPR

VH to look in to including GDPR information on the village web site.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment

14.1 To receive a report on the recent Sustainable Blewbury meeting

Next SB meeting 15.7.19 and will be discussing the Climate emergency & increased use of the Blewbury app.

14.2 To receive an update on the OxCam Expressway

LI reported no specific update, but attention still very much on this.

14.3 To receive an update on the OGB

An OGB review is pending, with a meeting scheduled for September.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces

15.1 Missing barrier on London Road – reported to FixMyStreet 24.4.19. Reported to Highways 19.6.19. Highways responded 25.6.19 – with Highways Inspector.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport

16.1 To discuss the conditions of local roads and decide on any course of action

BPC noted recent resurfacing repairs along the London Road.

It was agreed that one tree on the Pound should be removed to stump and a second one left as is.

16.2 To receive an update on the Blewbury Speed Watch group

A meeting is being organised between the council, county councillor, PCSO and Speed Watch representative to discuss setting up speed watch actions in the village.

  1. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC

No update this month.

  1. Correspondence

18.1 Items requesting a reply & consultations

Email re Badgers Holt gates 30.06.19 refers

18.2 Items for information that have been circulated

Infrastructure update email 1.7.19

CPRE Oxfordshire News email 1.7.19

  1. To set the date of the next meeting of the PC

Wednesday 11th September 2019 7.30pm. There is no Parish Council meeting in August.


No. Actions arising from July meeting Target Date
1 Cllr MF-D to chase Belway representative re Chailey Gardens path. September meeting
2 Cllr MF-D to investigate reinstatement of road name signs at Bessels Way/Aston Tirrold turn. September meeting
3 Cllr MF-D to send details of cycle path links to Clerk. September meeting
4 Cllr MF-D to follow up on dead tree on Coffin Way development. September meeting
5 Cllr MF-D to follow up on wooden barrier gap on London Road. September meeting
6 LI to speak to residents of Boham’s House re overgrown vegetation. September meeting
7 CL to speak to residents of house with overgrowing heather/lavender. September meeting
8 DH to obtain quote for new water heater ASAP
9 JG to include in bulletin update the level of rubbish left on TFF Next issue
10 CC to produce list of issues arising from planning app P19/V1421/FUL By 22 July
11 EC to inform Radii Ramps re acceptance of quote for skate ramp resurfacing. Actioned.
12 EC to initiate bank account transfer September meeting


 Lengthman’s Report

June 2019

Very busy start to the month with plenty of grass cutting.

Then two weeks holiday in Portugal to recover!!!

The footpaths are in good condition as it has been quite dry with not too much wear and tear.

We now have the Annual inspection report for the play areas, which does not show any major issues. A few minor items to be addressed which I will attend to this month.

There has been some damage to the fencing at the Cleeve, which Chris and I have inspected. A section over the bridge at the entrance to Michael’s footpath need replacing. I am getting costings for new posts etc.

The tractor mounted Wessex grass topper has very worn roller bearings. I have ordered new ones from Listers and will replace them asap.

TFF play area and field are being very well used and the BBQ is a success if the 13 bbq trays I collected are anything to go by.

The cricket team now seem to have matches most weeks and also visiting teams using the pitch as well.

Glad to be back and trying to catch up!



Blewbury Parish Council

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Report from District Councillors

Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley 

Our News

Committee Appointments

It is just over two months since we were elected as your new District Councillors, and we have been keeping busy with training courses and meeting council officers to chase up issues raised by residents. Our appointments to the committees and panels of the council have now been finalised – see below:

Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne Cllr Sarah Medley

·         Joint Scrutiny Committee

·         Wantage Area Committee (Chair)

·         Scrutiny Committee (Substitute)

·         Planning Committee (Substitute)

·         Oxfordshire Growth Board Scrutiny Panel

·         Community Governance and Electoral Issues Committee (Vice-Chair)

·         Wantage Area Committee

·         Scrutiny Committee (Substitute)

·         Harwell Campus Local Liaison

Social Media

We have now set up a dedicated councillor Facebook Page: Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley. We will be updating this regularly to share information with residents. To stay up to date with the latest news, please Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter: @hayleighhelium and @SarahMedley91.

Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy
Local housing authorities have a statutory duty to publish a homelessness strategy every five years. Last month, District councillors across Vale and South were invited to take part in a workshop to shape a new “Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy”. We learnt about the homelessness & the law, and the issue as it affects the Vale. We were asked for our input based on our experience, but we would be interested to hear Blewbury Parish’s view on the matter.

Local Plan Part 2

We recently attended a round-table session with council officers to bring all councillors up to speed on the status of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan Part 2, the adoption of which will be voted on in the autumn. The council fully adopted Part 1 of the plan in 2016, which contains the main strategic sites for housing and employment development in the district, along with the main policies. Part 2 of the plan deals with more detailed policies and allocates sites for housing to help the city of Oxford meet its need for housing.

At the end of June, the government’s Planning Inspector examining Part 2 of the plan released his report, which concludes that the plan is “sound” and could be adopted subject to local democratic approval. However, as this version of the Local Plan Part 2 was proposed by the previous administration, the new council now needs to take time to consider the options for the next steps; there is a lot to for councillors to consider and understand before voting on whether to adopt it or otherwise.  In the meantime, if residents or parish councils have any opinions on the Local Plan Part 2 that you would like to raise with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can ensure your views are represented in this important decision.

More information can be found here:

Local News

Chilton A34 Services Planning Application

Planning Application P18/V3052/FUL – Land at A34 Chilton Interchange, Chilton. Proposal for the erection of a new roadside service area comprising petrol filling station, retail shop, electric car charging points, drive-through unit, parking and associated works.

This application has been called into the district council Planning Committee, and is on the agenda for consideration at their next meeting on Wednesday 10th July, 7.00pm at The Ridgeway, The Beacon, Portway, Wantage, OX12 9BY.

Cllr Sarah Medley is attending the meeting and will be addressing the Committee to ensure that the views of local residents are considered.

Science Transit Shuttle

From 15 July, Thames Travel are launching a new shuttle bus service – the Science Transit Shuttle (ST1) – which will run every 30 minutes Monday to Friday between Harwell Campus and Oxford via the A34.  To find out more about the route and download a timetable visit the Thames Travel website.

New councillors join the nominated Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board

Four new councillors have joined the nominated Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board.  New Leader, Cllr Sue Cooper and Cllr David Rouane, standing in for Cllr Pieter-Paul Barker from South Oxfordshire District Council attended with Cllr Judy Roberts from Vale of White Horse District Council.  Cllr Mocky Khan, as new Leader for Didcot Town Council, also joined the advisory board.

During the meeting, the garden town team provided an update on the projects that they have been working on since the last meeting and how they are setting out over 60 projects, including surveys on cycling paths and a parking strategy, into near, medium and long-term schemes, depending on their progress and funding.  The advisory board and governance structures are expected to be discussed at both district councils’ Cabinet meetings next month and if approved, the advisory board will have its operating guidelines confirmed.

If the councils’ Cabinets approve the structure, the three sounding boards will be formed made up from parish councils, business representatives, and community groups and interested parties.  Each group will help provide ideas and valuable feedback on specific projects in and around the garden town area before formal plans, consultations and approvals are gained.

Vale News

Planning training for town and parish councils

In September, Planning are running training events for town and parish councils.  The team will send invites to all councils and district councillors in due course.
The sessions are as follows:
Vale – Monday 9 September at The Beacon, Wantage

  • 2pm to 4pm, or
  • 6pm to 8pm

OVO Energy Women’s Tour success
The rain held off for Women’s Tour on 12 June and we had crowds of onlookers and school children gathering all along the route to watch the elite cyclists taking part in the race.

Before the race day, several of our teams worked with the other district councils, the county council and the race organisers to plan, promote and prepare for the race.  The riders received a warm welcome as they passed through the towns and villages of Oxfordshire.

School children came out to cheer at Watlington, people rang cow bells on Wallingford Bridge and many came out to Didcot for the sprint and then on to Harwell.You can see the excitement and spectacle in this collection of photographs and videos taken on the day:

Councils are asking drivers to ‘Turn it off’ if they are stopped for a minute or more

Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire district councils have launched a joint campaign to help improve air quality across southern Oxfordshire.

The campaign called ‘Turn it Off’  – – which has been endorsed by Public Health England – is aimed at drivers who leave their engines ‘idling’ – still running even when the vehicle is not moving.

Air pollution has been identified by a number of organisations including the World Health Organisation, United Nations and the Royal College of Physicians as the biggest environmental risk to health. A recent report from Public Health England estimated that within the UK, air pollution is linked to up to 36,000 deaths each year. Older people and children are most sensitive to air pollutants.

Keeping the engine running while parked contributes to an increase of air pollutant levels. Schools, traffic lights and bus stops are most likely locations for idling. The councils’ new campaign ‘Turn it off’ aims to educate people about air pollution and the links to engine idling and promoting cleaner ways to drive.

  • Switch off when the car is likely to be stopped for more than 1 minute
  • 1 minute of idling produces twice as many emissions as a moving vehicle
  • 1 minute of idling produces the equivalent of 150 balloons of harmful pollutants
  • Excessive idling is a waste of fuel (and money)
  • People inside cars are exposed to high levels of air pollution, with children especially at risk of harmful effects

A big step to tackle the climate emergency

Senior councillors in the Vale of White Horse are hoping to establish a new committee to help the council tackle issues around the climate emergency.

The council declared a climate emergency in February 2019 and the new Climate Emergency Advisory Committee would be a big step to ensuring the council meets its responsibilities towards meeting the challenge of this international issue.

The proposed committee would be politically balanced and would meet in public to advise the council’s Cabinet on matters relating to the climate emergency. It would set out to help strengthen the council’s environmental performance and provide community leadership on the subject. It would also aim to work with partner organisations and local businesses and community groups on addressing the issues.

This new committee would make recommendations to the Cabinet on how the council can reduce damage to the global and local environment through its policies and practices.

The committee could research ways in which the council can contribute to national and countywide targets on climate and energy issues and identify sources of external funding relating to the climate emergency.

Councillors will consider a report on the subject at the full Vale of White Horse District Council meeting on 17 July at The Beacon in Wantage. 




Pilot project could restrict traffic outside Oxfordshire schools in a bid to reduce air pollution

The county council is considering the possibility of launching a ‘School Streets’ pilot project. The project aims to reclaim roads outside schools from traffic at the start and end of each day, reducing air pollution outside the school gates and making it easier for children to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Two years ago, the east London borough of Hackney developed a blueprint for restricting traffic outside schools at opening and closing times.

Seven schools are participating and since the launch of ‘School Streets’, the proportion of children cycling to school has increased by more than 50 per cent, with traffic outside the school gates reducing by around two-thirds.

‘School Streets’ projects have also been a success in Solihull and Edinburgh, with traffic flows reduced and plans in place to expand the schemes.

Following a successful Oxfordshire Schools Clean Air Network seminar at County Hall on Clean Air Day, six Oxfordshire schools have already expressed interest in joining the pilot.

Help at hand for residents applying to the European Union settlement scheme

Support is being offered to EU, EEA or Swiss citizens applying for settled or pre-settled status in the UK. Residents completing the ID verification process to the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) can get help at the Oxford Register Office and 16 libraries across the county.

Residents completing an online application are required to scan their identity documents using a compatible Android phone or tablet.

NHS announces Oxfordshire will be part of new joined-up health and care system

Oxfordshire is to be part of a new ‘integrated care systems’ created by the NHS in England to improve health and social care services. The new joined up care system also covers Buckinghamshire and Berkshire West.

The NHS and local authorities in the three areas aim to deliver a person-centred vision for health and care services, making sure services are planned and delivered as locally as possible. Health and care organisations will work collectively to bring better health outcomes for people and ensure effort is not duplicated or resources wasted.

About integrated care systems

Local services can provide better and more joined-up care for patients when different organisations work together in this way. For staff, improved collaboration can help to make it easier to work with colleagues from other organisations. Integrated care systems can better understand data about local people’s health, allowing them to provide care that is tailored to individual needs.

By working alongside councils and drawing on the expertise of others such as local charities and community groups, the local authorities and the NHS can help people to live healthier lives for longer, and to stay out of hospital when they do not need to be there.

Find out more about Oxfordshire’s involvement here and integrated care systems here.

Moving forward with housing infrastructure funding bidsBPC Minutes July 2019

Oxfordshire County Council is now concluding contract negotiations in the next few months to formally secure infrastructure funding relating to four strategic transport projects in the Didcot Garden Town area. This relates to our successful Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF) £218 million bid announced in the Spring Statement.

The county council is also working with Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and Highways England to complete the clarification stage of its £102m HIF bid projects associated with the A40 between Witney and Oxford, known as the A40 smart corridor.

We are hopeful of hearing the outcome of the bid in the next few months.  If we are successful in this second HIF bid, it will mean we’ll have secured £535 million of infrastructure funding for Oxfordshire since signing the Growth Deal in just over a year. The Growth Deal is now in its second year of delivery and £30m of investment was achieved in the first year. Work is continuing to deliver infrastructure investment across over forty individual schemes in the County.

Major progress on improving Oxfordshire’s roads

Repairs and improvements on Oxfordshire’s roads continue with more than 34,000 potholes repaired over the last year, a 45 per cent increase on the previous year – and there’s more major repairs to come over the summer.

The county council recently announced an extra £13m for road maintenance for this financial year on top of its existing £18.5m programme of work – this follows last year’s additional £12m boost. The strategy is paying off with 34,159 potholes repaired compared to 23,486 the year before.

This year’s additional money will be spent across Oxfordshire’s towns and villages on resurfacing, drainage, bridge repairs and footways.

Last year’s extra cash saw more than 37 extra miles of road being resurfaced through a range of methods which also included surface dressing and micro-asphalting – both of which make road surfaces waterproof and extend their life.