Blewbury Parish Council Annual General Meeting Minutes May 2019

Minutes of the Blewbury Parish Council Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 8th May 2019 in the Vale Room of Blewbury Village Hall

Present: – Cllrs Chris Lakeland (Chair/CL), Vaughan Humphries (VH), Mark Shayler (MS), Michael Penington (MP), David Lomas (DL), Mark Blythe (MB), Jane Gibson (JG), Charlotte Cameron (CC), Miriam Jacobs (MJ). Lengthman David Hollick (DH), Clerk Liz Cooper (EC). Cllr Mike Fox-Davies (MF-D), Cllr Sarah Medley (SM)


  1. Apologies for absence

PCSO G. Kirby

  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Chris Lakeland was proposed and seconded as Chair, and Mark Blythe was proposed and seconded as Vice-Chair.

  1. Declaration of Acceptance of Office form

Councillors completed their Declaration of Office forms, which were countersigned by the Clerk.

  1. Register of Members’ Interests form

Councillors completed their Register of Members’ Interests forms.

  1. Declarations of interests relating to this meeting

None declared.

  1. Approval of Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th April 2019

The above minutes were approved with no changes or matters arising.

  1. County Councillor’s report

Cllr Mike Fox-Davies presented his report (see below).

Cllr MF-D also confirmed that a sum of £1875 was available to the village and advised an application for the whole sum and more may be available at a later date. CL to apply for funding.

JG raised the matter of the condition of the footpath from Chailey Gardens to Bridus Way. Cllr MF-D agreed to monitor the communications between Mr A McEwan-James of OCC and the developer, Belway.

Cllr MF-D said he would send his annual report to the bulletin.

  1. District Councillor’s report

Sarah Medley introduced herself as one of the two new District Councillors.

  1. To receive a report from the PCSO

None provided.

  1. To receive the Lengthman’s report

DH presented his Lengthman’s Report (see below).

DH confirmed the playground inspection had taken place on Tuesday 30th April.

DH stated he was looking for a second-hand Ferris mower.

MB & MP confirmed they had cleared the Cleve and asked DH to remove the clippings. DH confirmed there had been no action on the Cleve sign.

  1. Open Forum

Jill Ingoldby attended the meeting to talk about ‘Speed Watch’ for the village. More people from the village are needed to attend ‘Speed Watch’ training and then carry this out for the village. More information is available on the ‘Speed Watch’ web site ( Jill would also be speaking to the PCSO for more information.

Cllr MF-D offered to speak to a colleague of his regarding speed reduction actions and he would support the villages efforts.

CL would also contact the PCSO to discuss what could be done.

JG would add some information to the bulletin.

  1. Village hall refurbishment

At a recent village meeting to discuss the project, there was some indication that increasing the precept to raise money would be acceptable.

  1. Recreation Ground

14.1 Update on the Clubhouse activities.

The CIC were making money available to investigate more thoroughly the waste pipe problem at the Clubhouse. It was also confirmed that the football club was disbanded. However, some cricket games were planned to be played over the summer. It was noted that the CIC should charge for use of the clubhouse by sports teams.

14.2 Update on the recreation ground.

The barbeque build area was still under construction.

  1. Planning & Housing

14.1 Planning committee report

CC agreed to take over as Planning Committee Coordinator  with immediate effect.

14.2 To approve responses to current applications

P19/V0847/HH Mandalay, Westbrook Street, Blewbury – detached garage.

Deadline 4 May 2019. PC agreed to ‘no objections’ to this application.

  1. Finance & Administration
    • To receive an update on CIL or S106 contributions

CIL money of £4859.16 had been received. This money can be used for recreation facility repairs, minor repairs to buildings amongst others. It was noted that the skate park is due some refurbishment this summer. S106 money is generally for larger build projects. CL had made enquiries regarding resurfacing the recreation ground car park, but had no response as yet.

  • Update on the Accounts and Audit for 2018-2019. To note the start of the period for the exercise of public rights.

The internal auditor collected BPC papers on 1 May 2019.

Audit figures are in the process of being finalised by the Clerk.

The period for the exercise of public rights must include the first 10 days of July, start date to be agreed (before 1st July).

  • To discuss, agree and approve future payment approval process.

15.3.1 To discuss and agree any changes to current signatories

The council currently has three signatories which the council agreed should be sufficient to move forward.

15.3.2 To discuss, agree and approve Clerk / Councillor access to online banking for the purpose of making payments online.

The Clerk explained that the PC’s current bank, Santander, did not provide the right facilities for banking online. The PC agreed to look at changing bank accounts to one which facilitates admin access for the Clerk and authorisation access for signatories.

15.3.3 To discuss and agree the scrutiny of accounts process.

The Clerk requested that a financial scrutiny process is formalised once a quarter and the PC agreed this should be formalised (as per Financial Regulations).

  • To approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts.
PAYEE Description / Power to spend Amount
E Cooper / D Hollick Clerk & Lengthman’s salary and expenses for April. £1253.70
NEST Clerk’s pension – March correction. Was £44.61, s/b £56.35 (correct total submitted through NEST) £0
NEST Clerk’s pension – April £56.05
White Horse Horticulture Grass cutting contract March & April 2019 @£200 per month for Pound, Playclose & Churchyard. £400.00
Andrews Computing Ltd

Clerk laptop service

Paid, to be ratified.



M Taylor Clerk support services £107.70
BT Payment Services Ltd

Clubhouse line rental DD

Clerk’s note:- BT increase in price from 1 July 2019 to £27.50 + VAT per month (£33 inc VAT).

Biffa Waste Services Ltd Waste services DD £75.79
Post Office Ltd SSE Electricity Supply to Scout Hut, Recreation Ground (awaiting invoice) Not received prior to meeting.
BVHMC Quarterly Post Office grant April. £300.00
CPRE Annual Membership to 22.06.20 £36.00
Came & Company

Tractor Insurance from 1.5.19

Paid, to be ratified.

Total £2484.67


Major Receipts April 2019 Description Amount
Vale of White Horse Council Blewbury PC CIL share



Vale of White Horse Council Precept 2019/20 1st half £30,630.50


Barclays Payments Description Amount
Salus Building Control & Fire Safety Consultants Ltd

Village Hall Refurbishment

Approved Inspector Service – Building Regulation Fee Stage1



Ridge and Partners LLP Continued professional services inc. revisions to detailed designs.




All payments were agreed and signed off by the council and receipts noted.

  1. Risk Management

17.1 Update on TFF Play Space and quotes for TFF car park resurfacing.

Resurfacing – see 15.1 above.

TFF play space – it was noted that all play areas were inspected on Tuesday 30th April. Inspection report and invoice to be provided.

17.2 To review the 2019 Community Emergency Plan

CL to respond.

17.3  GDPR – to receive an update on GDPR

No update this month.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to the Environment

DL reported on behalf of Sustainable Blewbury who are interested in biodiversity. DL would write a list of things that people could do in their own lives and measure the difference. Change on a larger scale would  require people in the village who are willing to make it happen. DL to report back to Sustainable Blewbury.

CL to speak to Chris Willison regarding ‘Climate Emergency’.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces

19.1 Missing barrier on London Road – reported to FixMyStreet 24.4.19

19.2 JG confirmed she would speak to the Vale regarding the Watery Lane Wall.

  1. To receive an update on any issues relating to roads, road safety and public transport

20.1 Update on the Oxford Cambridge expressway

No update this month.

20.2 To discuss the conditions of local roads / and decide on any course of action

No update this month.

  1. Village Hall Management Committee. To receive an update from the VHMC.

      It was reported that a new water heater is to be purchased for the kitchen as this cannot wait until the refurbishment.

  1. Correspondence

22.1 Items requesting a reply & consultations

CPRE-Annual Membership (see payments above) – agreed by the PC.

22.2 Items for information that have been circulated

22.2.1 Nomination of a councillor to stand for OALC Executive Committee (sent to BPC 19.4.19)

No nominations were put forward.

22.2.2 BPC attendance at Neighbourhood plans in Oxfordshire meeting 11.5.19 (sent to BPC 19.4.19). MB to attend.

22.2.3 Climate Emergency email dated 25.4.19 (sent to BPC 26.4.19)

This was discussed at length and CL is to take forward (see 18 above).

  1. Website Correspondence and Uploads on PC section.

       Nothing to report this month.

  1. To set the date of the next meeting of the PC.

Wednesday 12th June 7.30pm. 

The meeting closed at 9.15pm