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Minutes of the Blewbury Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th August 2020 via an e-conference system.

In attendance: - Cllrs C Lakeland (CL/Chair), V Humphries (VH), P Kilroe (PK), M. Penington (MP), J Gibson (JG), E Cooper (EC/Clerk)

1.       Apologies for absence


2.       Declarations of interests relating to this meeting

None declared.

3.    Planning

3.1    Planning report

Issued in advance of the meeting for Bulletin entry.


3.2    Approve / ratify responses to current applications:


P20/V1452/HH Amendment 1

Garden house garage

Deadline 30.7.20

BPC no objections 29.7.20


P20/V1452/HH Amendment 2

Garden House garage

Deadline 14.8.20

BPC unanimously agreed no objections to this amendment.



Greenlea, Bessels Lea Road

Variation of conditions 2 & 11

Deadline 15.8.20

BPC no objections


P20/V0899/HH Amendment 2

Pilgrims Rest, Pilgrims Way

Deadline 28.7.20

BPC no objections with comments 16.7.20


4.     Finance & Administration

4.1    Approve payments to be made under ancillary powers and within budgeted amounts

Council unanimously agreed to payments, with an adjustment to the salaries figure, following an additional expense submitted by the Clerk; an adjustment to the Biffa total; the inclusion of the IAC        invoice, and the inclusion of an additional invoice for Whitehorse Horticulture.

PAYEE Description / Power to spend Amount
E Cooper & D Hollick (salary and expenses) Clerk’s salary and expenses & Lengthman’s salary & expenses for July. (LGA1972 s112(2)) £1663.86
HMRC PAYE July (LGA 1972 s112(2)) £325.00
NEST (DD) Clerk’s pension July (LGPSR2013 (S12013/2356) £69.43
SSE (DD) Scout Hut Electricity (LGA1972 s137) £56.89
BT Payment Services Ltd (DD) Clubhouse line rental (LGA1972 s137) £35.04
White Horse Horticulture Grass cutting contract – July & Aug (HA1980 S96) £400.00
Biffa Waste Services Ltd (DD) Waste Services (LGA1972 s137) £88.13
Lister Wilder Limited Parts (LGA1972 s137) £24.41
CPRE Membership June20-June21 (LGA1972 s137) £36.00
IAC Internal Audit £294.00
TOTAL             £2992.76


4.2   Acknowledge receipts to account during July 2020




BVS Speedwatch donation £800.00
OCC CPF £1875.00
BlewShed Electricity costs contribution £53.62
TOTAL   £2728.62


4.3   Approve payments and acknowledge receipts for the village hall refurbishment account with Barclays

Council unanimously agreed to include the MD Group invoice as detailed below.

Barclays Bank Payments



29.07.20 Ridge and Partners £2100.00
05.08.20 MD Group invoice 6 £45498.02
TOTAL £47598.02


  4.4   Any other financial or administrative updates

The Clerk reported she was in discussion with Lloyds Bank regarding monthly charges. These had previously been confirmed as free for 18 months from December 2019, but a charges invoice had been received.

5.    To set the date of the next meeting: –

Wednesday 9th September 7.30pm (via an e-conference system)


The meeting closed at 19.45pm.