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Sustainable Blewbury Space-Based Solar Power

December 24, 2023

Sustainable Blewbury launches 2024 with Space-Based Solar Power – how the UK is turning science fiction into reality

Martin Soltau, co-CEO of an exciting space start-up, Space Solar, comes to talk about the amazing concept of harvesting the abundant solar energy in space and beaming it to earth. This stands to provide us with continuous clean energy day and night, and in all weather. Martin has co-founded the Space Energy Initiative, a collaboration between Government and UK space and energy organisations promoting the advancement of this technology.

We’ll be among the very first to learn why it is important that we pursue such ambitious technology, how it works, and why the UK is well placed to take a global leadership position. Martin will also fill us in on his extraordinary career as a business and engineering leader in the Aerospace and Renewable Energy sectors.

Monday 29 January 2024, 8.00pm, Melland Room at the Clubhouse. Tickets £6, including a drink, from the Post Office or on the door