Bulletin Advertising

The Blewbury Bulletin welcomes advertising from organisations and individuals based in Blewbury and the neighbouring villages.

If space permits, we will also consider advertisements for specialised services from further afield if they do not overlap significantly with local services, are not widely advertised elsewhere and are likely to be of interest to village residents.

No advertisements are carried on this website.

Advertisement Sizes & Charges

Display advertisements must be submitted in one of three sizes (see images above):

  • A rectangle 60mm wide by 40mm high costing £2.00
  • A rectangle 60mm wide by 85mm high costing £4.00
  • A rectangle 90mm wide by 65mm high costing £6.00

Advertisements can also be submitted as plain text. We do not charge for village events that can be typed as editorial matter, but if you want to highlight it in a box then we do charge.

Advertisements should be in black and white only. Please note that white text on a black background does not print well. Photographs can be printed but with some loss of quality for technical reasons.

How to Submit an Advertisement

All advertisements should be submitted to the Editor in the first instance, either by email as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, JPEG or PDF attachment, or by post to Swallows, Church Road, Blewbury OX11 9PY. We accept finished artwork that conforms to the sizes specified above, or plain text that we can fit into an appropriately sized box.

If your advertisement is accepted you will be advised when and how to make payment. Please note that payment must be received before the Bulletin goes to press (see below for future publication dates).

If you require repeat insertions over multiple months, you will be referred to the Advertising Manager to make the appropriate arrangements.

Publication Dates

All advertisements should be submitted and paid for by 7.30 pm on the following dates in order to ensure their appearance in the following month’s Bulletin:


18 January
15 February
22 March
19 April
17 May
21 June
16 August
20 September
18 October
15 November
13 December (covers Christmas 2017 and January 2018)