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Village Hall

Blewbury Village Hall comprises a Main Hall and the smaller Vale Room, which (during non-COVID-19 times) can be hired separately or together.

** Refurbishment and reopening update **

As lockdown eases we are slowly starting to take bookings and we have our first regular user.  More activities will be allowed back at the next steps in May and June.  If you would like to hire the Main Hall, Vale Room or Clubhouse (Melland Room) please complete the booking form  and email it to You data will be kept in accordance with our GDPR and privacy policy.

The Post Office remains open and Karen will keep everybody informed of opening hours.


The Main Hall (17.5m x 10.6m) can accommodate up to 200 people standing or 150 seated but during COVID-19 restrictions, these numbers will be reduced to 35.  Other COVID-19 restrictions (e.g. “rule of 6”) may apply. Tables and chairs are available for use in whichever configuration best suits your function, while food and drink can be served directly from an adjacent kitchen/bar area.

The Vale Room (7.3m x 7.3m) has a maximum capacity of 60 standing or seated if not subject to COVID-19 restrictions.  During restrictions the numbers will be reduced to 12. Other COVID-19 restrictions (e.g. “rule of 6”) may apply. Tables and chairs are available and users can access the kitchen if it is not being used by a separate Main Hall event.

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Booking The Village Hall

To book the Village Hall, please note the following points and then use the link below to go to the Hallmaster booking system.

Please familiarise yourself with the relevant policy documents and charges by clicking on the “Village Hall Documents” page.

The Hallmaster calendar shows current bookings and future availability for all Village Hall and Clubhouse venues. Please see the instructions below the calendar for an explanation of the colour coding and how to make a booking request.

To make a booking request you need to be registered on the Hallmaster system. If you are not already registered, clicking the “+” symbol on your chosen booking date will enable you to register as a customer and make a booking request. Existing customers can review their bookings or add new ones by clicking on the Customer Login button.

When you register or request a booking you will receive an automated email response from If for any reason you need to contact the Blewbury bookings manager directly, please email

Village Hall Calendar