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Village Hall

Blewbury Village Hall comprises a Main Hall and the smaller Vale Room, which (during non-COVID-19 times) can be hired separately or together.

We are now in the final phase of the refurbishment and the Village Hall Management Committee is working hard to be ready to open as soon as the work has been signed off. We hope to open the Village Hall sometime in November but this relies on two things (1) the remaining work being finished to a satisfactory standard and (2) COVID-19 restrictions. The latter is very difficult to predict but we are putting systems and guidance in place based on current regulations.

As soon as the Hall is ready, we will make announcements via the usual channels – the Post Office, the Blewbury website and app, the Blewbury Stop press email system and the BVS Facebook page.

The Main Hall (17.5m x 10.6m) can accommodate up to 200 people standing or 150 seated but during COVID-19 restrictions, these numbers will be reduced to 20. Tables, chairs and modular staging are available for use in whichever configuration best suits your function, while food and drink can be served directly from an adjacent kitchen/bar area.

The Vale Room (7.3m x 7.3m) has a maximum capacity of 100 standing or 50 seated if not subject to COVID-19 restrictions. Tables and chairs are available and users can access the kitchen if it is not being used by a separate Main Hall event. Please note that we are NOT using the Vale Room whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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We are not currently taking bookings, but as soon as we are, this page will be updated accordingly.

If you are thinking of hiring the Village Hall, please familiarise yourself with the relevant policy documents by clicking on these links:

Blewbury Village Hall user guidelines V1.5

Sample COVID-19 risk assessment for hirers V1.1

Blewbury Village Hall COVID-19 Risk Assessment V1.1

Child and Vulnerable Adults Policy
Complaints Procedure
Environmental Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Finance Policy
General Risk Assessment
Health & Safety Policy
Privacy & Data Protection Policy


Main Hall Bookings Diary



Vale Room Bookings Diary