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Current planning applications for Blewbury, together with recent planning decisions, are listed in the tables below.

Full details of these and other planning applications can be found in the Planning section of the Vale of White Horse District Council website.

To go to the relevant page on the Vale site for a particular application, simply click on its reference number below, where you will also be able to comment on the application.

Please note that the Parish Council is only a consultee during the planning application process. Decisions to grant applications (or not) are made solely by the District Council. 

Responses from the Parish Council

Application RefAddressDetailsComment
P24/V0384/S73 Ashbrook House, Westbrook St, BlewburyVofC 9 (wildlife protection) & 10 (ecology) on application P23/V1825/HH - amended impact plan & certificate (Ashbrook house annex).BPC no objections.
P24/V0533/HH Lowmans, South Street, BlewburyRear extension, internal alterations, external wall materials changed.BPC no objections.
P24/V0405/FUL Blewbury Parish CouncilCommunity artwork sculpture for play close, BlewburyBPC application.
P24/V0610/LB The Cleeve, South Street, BlewburyVarious works to interior & exterior inc. removal of spray foam insulation from roof, replace roof covering, removal of impervious materials, insulation upgrades, repalcement of rainwater goods & redorate exterior. Various minor changes to interior etc.BPC no objections.
P23/V2537/AG Winterbrook Farm, Bessels Way, BlewburyErection of a secure machinery store.No response required.
P23/V2635/FUL Land at end of Coffin Way, Blewbury OX11 9QDConstruction of a single dwelling & associated external works.BPC agree by majority to object. DC to call in.
P23/V2653/HH 1 Bohams Cottages, Westbrook St, BlewburySingle storey rear extenion to replace existing, & alteration to parking area.BPC no objections.
P23/V2746/HH 33 Bridus Mead, BlewburySingle storey side & rear extensions.BPC no objections.
P23/V1825/HH Ashbrook House, Westbrook St, BlewburyProposed construction of an annexe to Ashbrook House.BPC no objections + comments 15.9.23.
P23/V0446/LB Corrydon House, London Road, BlewburyRepairs to timber frame on the upper south east gable.BPC no objections 2.3.23
P23/V1032/FUL Land adjacent to Garden House, Coffin Way, BlewburyConstruction of a single detached dwellingBPC no objections + narrative
P23/V0560/HH amendment no.1 85 Dibleys, BlewburyParking arrangements amendedBPC no objections
P23/V0560/HH 85 Dibleys, BlewburyConstruction of two-storey side extension & a single storey rear extension, with demolition of conservatory.BPC no objections, aware of covenant in force & narrative added.
P23/V1169/FUL Blewbury Service Station, London Road, BlewburyRetrospective application for a proposed 3m rear extension.BPC no objection + comments
P22/V3020/LB Charity School House, Church Road, BlewburyClosure of existing loft entrance in front bedroom doorway & resite on landing.
P22/V1876/FUL Winterbrook Farm, BlewburyRetrospective planning permission for change of use from Agricultural land to dog walking field with small shelter.BPC no objections 13.09.22.
P22/V1588/HH Millbrook Cottage, Berry Lane, BlewburyConstruction of a garden office.BPC No objections 10.8.22.
P21/V3076/FUL Churn Cottage, Churn Farm, Boham's Rd, BlewburyErection of a replacement house.BPC no objections + comment.

Decisions from the District Council

Application RefAddressDetailsComment
P24/V0217/HH Collis Moor, Nottingham Fee, BlewburyDemolition of existing annex. Erectuion of single storey side extension.BPC no objection.
P24/V0249/PIP Workshop adjacent to Upperton, Pilgrims Way, BlewburyApplication for residential development on the site.BPC agreed to object citing NDP P1.
Permission in principle 22.03.24
P24/V0350/LB Corrydon House, London Rd, BlewburyVarious works to whole house (ext&int) inc. sensitive removal of impervious materials, structural repairs, joinery refurb, insulation upgrade, repalce rainwater goods & decoration.BPC no objections. LB consent 26.03.24
P24/V0205/S73 Morters, Church Road, BlewburyRemoval of C6 (ancillary accommodation) on app P22/V1699/HH.Application withdrawn 12.03.24
P23/V2079/HH &P23/V2046/LB Orchard Dene House, Watts Lane, BlewburyRear extension, single storey, flat roof etc.Planning permission 21.11.23. BPC no objections 06.10.23.
P23/V2094/HH 85 Dibleys, BlewburyResubmission of P23/V0560/HH to include amended parking & dropped kerb.Planning permission 6.12.23. BPC objections plus narrative. Returned 09.11.23.
MW.0166/23Collard Environment Ltd, Chilton Recycling Facility, ChiltonS73 App permitted dev (P22/V1914/CM-ME0098/22) proposed extension etc.BPC no objections.
P23/V2131/HH Lantern Cottage, South St, BlewburyProposed amendments to )22/V1817/HHPlanning permission 21.11.23. BPC objections plus comments 12.10.23.
P23/V1035/HH Garden House, Westbrook Street, BlewburyReplace all windows with PVCu windoes, addition of fromt door jwith porch & two new windows to north elevtion. Stained timer cladding etc.Planning permission 12.07.23. BPC no objections 5.6.23
P23/V1300/HH Charity School House, Church Road, BlewburyErection of detached, oak framed home office & reading room following removal of two existing sheds.Planning permission
BPC no objections + narrative 15.6.23
P23/V1265/HH Winterbrook Farm, Bessels Way, BlewburyDemolish existing plant room & build new summerhouse.Planning permission 26.07.23. BPC No objections 20.6.23
P23/V1943/HH 29 Bridus Mead, BlewburyEnclose existing porch, loft conversion with rear dormer & roof light.BPC no objections 8.9.23.
P23/V2066/HH & P23/V2067/LB Granary House, London Road, BlewburyRefurbish & convert existing curtilage listed storage outbuilding into ancillary residential annex.Planning permission 14.11.23. BPC no objections plus comment 1210.23.
P23/V1300/HH Charity School House, Church Road, BlewburyAmendment 2 - Tree protection plan dated 17.10.23.Planning permission 03.11.23.
P22/V0216/HH Milward, Westbrook St, BlewburyDemolition of conservatory, extension & garage. Erection of single storey rear & side extension, detached workshop & internal reconfigurations.Planning approved 30.3.22. BPC no objections 10.2.22.
P22/V0340/HH The Lintols, Church Rd, BlewburyDemolition of conservatory, replace with single storey extension. Internal alterations, side link extenion to garage & convert to games room. New windows etc.Planning permission 7.4.22. BPC no objections.
P22/V0339/LB Naylesbridge Cottage, Church Rd, BlewburyReplace doors, windows in rear extension & replace with bifold doors.LB consent 11.4.22
P22/V0185/LB Abners, Church Rd, BlewburyMains gas central heating & repair of chimney.LB consent 14.4.22
P21/V3457/FUL 2 Treble House Terrace, Ickleton House, London Rd, BlewburyErection of 1 foaling box, 1 stable & 1 tackroom adjacent to current outbuilding.Planning permission 25.2.22. BPC no objections 13.01.22.
P21/V3563/HH Spur Tree, Bessels Way, BlewburyRemoval of roof to existing bungalow side extension & raising of ridge level.Planning permission 16.2.22. BPC no objections + comments 13.01.22.
P22/V0071/HH & P22/V0072/LB Laurences, Nottingham Fee, BlewburyRaised chimney etc.Planning permission 6.3.22. LB consent 6.3.22. BPC no objections 20.01.22.
P21/V2536/HH & P21/V2538/LB Borlase, South St, BlewburyAmendment no.1 & 2Planning permission. BPC no objections 28.09.21.
P21/V2536/HH & P21/V2538/LB Borlase, South St, BlewburyReroof the north side of the house & erection of a garden structure & greenhouse.Planning permission 20.4.22. LB consent 20.4.22. BPC no objections 20.1.22.
P21/V1975/HH & P21/V1976/LB Bohams House, Westbrook St, BlewburyConversion of two bays of a listed four bay timber framed barn etc.BPC no objections.
P22/V2796/O Mountain Ash, Westbrook St, BlewburyDemolition of bungalow & construction of three new dwellings.BPC no obs + comment 12.12.22. Planning permission 2.5.23
P22/V2460/HH + amendment no.1 Orchard Dene Cottage, South Street, BlewburyReplace thatch on ancillary annexe with plain tiled roof. New dormer window, porch & solar panels to annexe. conversion of single garage to ancillary accommodation, to form part of existing annexe.BPC no objections 07.11.22. Planning permission 24.1.23.
P22/V1513/HH Amendment no.1 Pilgrims Rest, Pilgrims Way, BlewburyErection of 2-storey extension etc - amendments to dwelling boundary.BPC no objections with comment 6.1.23. Planning permission 3.2.23
P23/V0214/HH Collis Moor, Nottingham Fee, BlewburyDemolition of existing annexe. Erection of new single storey side extension.BPC no objections 13.2.23. Planning permission 2.5.23
P23/V0341/HH 21 Bridus Mead, BlewburyLoft conversion with front & rear windows & rooflightsBPC no objection 2.3.23. Planning permission 13.4.23
P23/V0988/LDP Fleetwith, Nottingham Fee, BlewburyInstallation of solar panelsPlanning approved 9.6.23
P22/V2378/HH & P22/V2378/LB Mockbeggars House, Church End, BlewburyGround floor extension with infill wall to undercroft, dormer roof extension & additional in-roof window.Planning permission 01.12.22. BPC no objections LB 02.11.22. BPC no objections 24.10.22.
P22/V2350/LDP Barnfield, Nottingham Fee, BlewburyCertificate of Lawfulness for installation of 18 solar panels.Planning approval 02.12.22. No PC response required.
P22/V2456/HH Brokenwood, Bessels Way, BlewburyInstallation of 2 air source heat pumps to the rear of the house for the purpose of supplying domestic heating & hot water.Planning permission 14.12.22. BPC no obs to amendment 4.1.23.BPC no objections 07.11.22.
P22/V2554/HH Gatehouse Studio, London Rd, BlewburyErection of single storey garden office.Planning permission 21.12.22.BPC no objections 11.11.22
P22/V2682/FUL Savages Nurseries, Style Acre Tea Room, London Rd, BlewburySingle storey rear extension to tea room.Planning permission 12.01.23. BPC no objections 28.11.22
MW.0098/22Chilton Recycling FacilitySection 23 ref P21/V1597/21 (MW.0072/21)Planning permission 08.11.22
P22/V1876/FUL Amendment 1 Winterbrook Farm, BlewburyRetrospective planning permission for change of use from Agricultural land to dog walking field with small shelter.Planning permission 07.10.22. BPC no Objections 29.09.22.
P22/V2032/HH Upstones, Berry Lane, BlewburyProposed ground floor rear & side extensions.Planning permission 06.10.22. BPC no objections 29.09.22.
P22/V1945/HH 6 Chailey Gardens, BlewburySingle storey back extension, two storey side extension & new front entrance porch to existing dwelling.Planning permission 05.10.22. BPC no objections 08.09.22.
P22/V1880/LB Laurences, Nottingham Fee, BlewburySingle stprey rear extension & alterations to dwelling.Planning permission 05.09.22. BPC no objections 05.09.22
P22/V1878/HH Laurences, Nottingham Fee, BlewburySingle stprey rear extension & alterations to dwelling.Planning permission 05.09.22. BPC no objections 05.09.22
MW.0101/22Chilton Recycling FacilityContinue development by permission water storage tank to 31.12.32.Planning permission 26.10.22.
BPC no objections 08.09.22.
P22/V1699/HH Morters, Church Rd, BlewburyReplacement of existing double garage with ancillary family room.Planning permission 31.08.22.
BPC no objections + comment that ancillary accommodation remain subordinate to main house 2.8.22.
P22/V1656/HH 2 Downside, Westbrook St, BlewburyFirst floor extension at side of existing delling to create additional living accommodation.Planning permission 18.10.22.
BPC objected - resolve access issues before any planning app approval 2.8.22.
P22/V1833/HH Gable Cottage, Westbrook St, BlewburySingle-storey lead roofed kitchen extension.Planning permission 26.08.22.
BPC no objections 10.8.22.
P22/V1817/HH Lantern Cottage, South St, BlewburySingle storey rear extension + roof, windows etc. Demolition of existing garage & erection of new.Planning permission 08.09.22.
BPC no objections 10.8.22.
MW.0099/22Chilton recycling facilityRetrospectiove installation of picking station & scanner.Planning permissions 26.10.22.
BPC no objections 10.8.22.
P22/V0975/LB St Michael's, Church Rd, BlewburyReplacing plasterbord & skimming over. Adding insulation.Planning permission 30.6.22. BPC no objections.
P22/V1140/HH Fieldside, London Rd, BlewburyReplacement glass roof over outside terrce at rear of house with spray painted white metal roof structure.Planning permission 8.7.22. BPC no objections 9.6.22.
P22/V0974/FUL Westbrook Farm, Westbrook St, BlewburyVofC 2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11 on P16/V0192/FULPlanning permission 14.6.22.
P21/V1975/HH amend 2 Bohams House, Westbrook St, BlewburyBat report, design & access statement.Planning permission 22.6.22. No response req'd.
P22/V0669/FUL Rumseys Barn, London Rd, BlewburyDemolition of garage & swimming pool. Construction of new dwelling.Planning permission 10.5.22. BPC no objections 16.4.22
P22/V0538/HH Thatcher Cottage, Church Rd, BlewburyProposed extension & upgrade to cottage & replace garden room. Demolish conservatory, garage & garden workshop.Planning permission 9.8.22. BPC no objections 21.4.22
P22/V0664/LDE Millbrook Cottage, Berry Lane, BlewburyUse of garden on banks of stream.Planning decision 14.6.22. BPC no objections 5.4.22
P22/V0412/FUL Winterbrook Farm, BlewburyRetrospective planning permission for change of use from agricultural land to dog walking field, shelter & fencing.Planning application withdrawn 20.6.22. BPC no objections + comments.
P22/V0579/HH Upstones, Berry Lane, BlewburyProposed ground floor rear & side extensions.Planning permission 11.5.22. BPC no objections 5.4.22
P21/V1626/FUL Ridgway, Bessels Way, BlewburyAmend 1 - revised layour, revised drainage, tree info.Demolition of detached bungalow & redevelopment for four detached dwellings + landscape & parking.Planning permission 15.6.22. BPC objected + narrative
P21/V0405/FUL & P21/V0406/LB Abners, Church Rd, BlewburySubdivision of plot & conversion & extension of listed barn for additional dwelling.BPC objected. Planning permission 23.07.21.
P21/V0717/FUL Blewbury Riding & Training CentreConstruction of steele frame barnBPC no objections Planning permission 17.07.21.
P21/V1068/LDE Blewbury Centre, Bessels Way BlewburyCertificate of lawful development for static caravans.Certificate refused 17.12.21.
P21/V1852/HH Foxhill House, Bessels Way, BlewburyBay window extension & dormer roof extension to existing private dwelling.BPC no objections. Planning permission 23.09.21.
P21/V0224/FUL Blewbury Service StationProposed demolition of existing petrol station, construction of new petrol station with canopy + tanks, car wash & ATM.Planning permission refused 20.10.21. BPC objected with narrative.
P21/V2216/HH & P21/V2218/LB Green Bushes, Westbrook St, BlewburyProposed replacement garage.BPC no objections. Planning permission 15.10.21.
P21/V2397/HH & P21/V2398/LB Ashbrook House, Westbrook St, BlewburyExtension to existing garden store.BPC no objections. Planning permission 20.10.21.
P21/V2483/HH 42 Bridus Mead, BlewburyRemoval of existing front entrance roof canopy & rear conservatory & repalce with single storey front entrance porch & rear single storey lean to conservatory with internal & external alterations.BPC no objections. Planning permission 21.10.21.
P21/V2708/HH 25 Bridus Mead, BlewburySingle storey extension linking flank of det garage to flank of dwelling. Minor alterations.BPC no objections. Planning permission 17.11.21.
P21/V2860/HH Thatcher Cottage, Church Rd, BlewburyAmendment no.3 to plans.BPC no objections. Planning permission 24.11.21.
P21/V2964/HH 21 Chailey Gardens, BlewburySingle storey back extension to existing house.BPC no objections. Planning permission 06.12.21.
P21/V2965/HH & P21/V2966/LB The Cottage, South St, BlewburyRepalce garden shed ith summer house.BPC no objections. Planning permission 17.12.21.
P21/V3247/HH Corner Cottage, South St, BlewburyAlterations & single storey extension to private dwelling.BPC no objections.
Planning permission 19.01.22.
P21/V1324/HH Winterbrook Farm, Bessels Way, BlewburyErection of pool outbuilding over existing pool.Planning permission 11.8.21. BPC no objections
P21/V1761/HH 6 Whites Orchard, BlewburyReplacement conservatory with garden room.Planning permission 11.8.21. BPC no objections.
P21/V1829/HH Winterbrook, Bessels Lea, BlewburySingle storey extension to rear or property with solid tiled Edwardian design roof.Planning permission 18.8.21. BPC no objections.
P21/V1397/HH Hoofprints, Bessels Way, BlewburyPlanning permission 14.7.21.Proposed rear & roof extensions.BPC no objections
P21/V0405/ FUL amendment 1 Abners, Church Rd, BlewburyPlanning permission 13.7.21 ref. 196950Highways response only.BPC reiterated objections.
P21/V0338/HH Beavers, South Street, BlewburyNew self contained incidental room,/office in garden.BPC no objections.
Planning permission 4.5.21
P21/V0431/HH Grove House, Bessels Way, BlewburyProposed single storey rear extension.BPC no objections.
Planning permission 20.4.21
P21/V0959/HH Tylers, Bessels Way, BlewburyAlterations/extensions to existing private dwelling to convert/extend garage to bedroom.BPC no objections.
Planning permission 11.6.21
P21/V1029/HH The Bungalow, south St, BlewburyReplacement windows & front door. Painting exterior walls.BPC no objections.
Planning permission 1.6.21
P21/V0801/HH 32 Eastfields, BlewburyReplacement rear extension & front dormer.BPC no objections. Planning permissions 11.5.21
P21/V0646/FUL Huntsgrave Farm, Woodway Road, BlewburyErection of wooden hut - non-attended shop 'Honey Hut'.BPC no objections.
Planning permissions 18.5.21
P21/V0537/HH Lyvennet, Bessels Way, BlewburyLoft conversion with hip to gable alterations & elevated roofline, single storey side extension.BPC no objections.
Planning permissions 12.5.21