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This page acts as a gateway to the environmental group Sustainable Blewbury, and to one of their key projects, the Blewbury Energy Initiative. Please note that clicking on either of these links will take you away from the main Blewbury website.

Sustainable Blewbury

Sustainable Blewbury is concerned with climate change and other environmental issues, including the depletion of natural resources. We believe that we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels because of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We need to explore ways in which we as a village can adapt to a lower-carbon and more sustainable way of living, while maintaining a good quality of life. Our main themes are energy (see below), travel and transport, food and farming, natural environment and heritage, and reduce-reuse-recycle. Our website includes information about our projects and events.

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Blewbury Energy Initiative

The Blewbury Energy Initiative is a project of Sustainable Blewbury. We aim to reduce energy consumption and to encourage the use of renewable energy resources wherever possible. We hope to reduce the amount of coal, oil, gas and electricity used, and to help the global environment. Our website contains a very wide range of material, ranging from explanations of big issues such as climate change and alternative energy sources down to evaluations of energy saving and renewable energy in the home. It also includes up to date information about energy saving grants and initiatives, together with summaries and explanations of recent research.

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