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Public Transport Directory

Local public & community transport services

This section covers bus, train and community transport services; taxis are listed under Businesses.

Blewbury Flying Squad

Blewbury Flying Squad is made up of local volunteers who are willing to drive Blewbury residents to medical appointments (including dental, optician and chiropody). Please note that we need as much notice as possible to arrange a driver, and that we suggest a modest contribution to expenses for each trip. How to Book - Call the number below. If no one is available to answer, you will hear a message which starts – ‘Hello, this is the Blewbury Flying Squad phone ...’. Wait for the beep at the end of the message and give your name and telephone number and you will be phoned back as soon as possible. Please speak clearly. Please note: We cannot provide transport to the Horton Hospital in Banbury.

  • 07891 768197

Buses - Didcot (Service 94/94S)

Thames Travel, Wyndham House, Lester Way, Hithercroft Industrial Estate, Wallingford OX10 9TD

The 94 service runs from Didcot through East Hagbourne, Blewbury, Upton, Chilton to the Harwell Campus and back again. 94S buses transport pupils on school days. Note: The first direct bus to Harwell Campus does not arrive there until 9.23 am. If you need to get to Harwell Campus earlier, then you must take a bus in the opposite direction to Didcot Parkway and transfer. Didcot station is a busy bus hub, with routes going to neighbouring towns including Wantage, Abingdon and Wallingford as well as business centres: Milton Park, Harwell Campus, etc. and Oxford.

Buses - Oxford Hospitals

Unfortunately, there are no direct bus links from Blewbury to the three main Oxford hospitals. To avoid the trauma of parking at the hospitals or if you can't drive there are alternatives. The X32 bus runs fairly frequently from Didcot's Orchard shopping centre and train station on a surprisingly quick route to the main entrance of the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR). To go to the Churchill Hospital or the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) using the X32 you can change to the City15 bus at various central-Oxford stops between Oxford Police Station and St. Clements. To get to the NOC you can also take bus 10 from the JR. If you can get to the Thornhill Park & Ride on the A40 just east of Headington or Oxford Parkway Park & Ride and nearby Kidlington, the 700 bus goes between Thornhill and Kidlington, stopping at all three main hospitals. (The 700 is run by Stagecoach.)


    The nearest station is Didcot Parkway. Online booking is available through or Trainline (link below).