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Blewbury Pre-School: 50th Anniversary, Lottery and Logs

December 22, 2020

It’s Blewbury Pre-School’s 50th anniversary in 2021 and we’d love to hear from anyone who has memories of the pre-school.

You may have attended as a child, or perhaps you used to help out as a parent, or maybe helped on the committee, or were a member of staff?  We’d love to hear from you! Please email with any stories or photos you’d be happy to share.

We also plan to launch the Blewbury Pre-School Lottery in 2021. Anyone aged 16 or over will be able to take part. For just £5 per month you’ll be entered into a monthly lottery with a chance to win one of three cash prizes. The lottery money will be split 50:50 between fundraising and prize money. The proceeds going to the village pre-school will help fund equipment and resources, and to meet any other funding needs. We’re asking people to sign up for a whole year as annual members. We plan to sell a maximum of 200 lottery numbers each year. If all 200 lottery numbers are sold, the prizes each month would be: 1st prize £250, 2nd prize £150, 3rd prize £100. The remaining £500 per month would go to the pre-school.  Please email and we’ll send you a sign-up form in the New Year.

Finally, did you know you can support Blewbury Pre-School by ordering quality hardwood for your log burners?  It’s £100/£60 for a full/half trailer load delivered (or £75/£50 for a full/half trailer load collected).  Further reductions available if you prefer to split logs yourself. Single nets of logs are also available outside pre-school for £5.  Email orders to:

Blewbury WI news

Hello again to everyone. This will be the final WI News for 2020, and we can only hope that by the next issue of the Bulletin in February 2021, and good news from the Vaccine front, we will have said goodbye to the dratted Covid-19 and the miserable 2020.

Lyn’s Walk.  Wednesday, January 13th

Lyn will be having (unusually) a Walk in January 2021. Meet at the Village Hall at 9.15 am to give us time to get to Asda for 9.30 am. We will be travelling to Asda’s car park in Didcot. It will be an urban walk as the state of paths is unsure. The Walk will be guided by my two friends who often walk with us. We  have arranged this as there is plenty of parking so it is possible for us to travel individually if you don’t want to car share. Also with two leaders we can be divided into socially acceptable groups if needs be and this will keep us legal. Coffee at Costa is possible once we finish. I only need to know in advance that you are coming if you need a lift.

Blewbury WI Committee Members have made up a number of “goody bags” – “A Christmas Meeting in a Bag” –  to be delivered by a dedicated  group  of Christmas Elves to every member in Blewbury & Upton. A huge task, but undertaken with the Christmas  Spirit. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a February meeting will be allowed to take place in the new Village Hall. May I wish you all as Happy a Christmas as possible and a wonderful 2021.

For more details please contact our Secretary, Joy Boness 01235 850543 or visit our web page, where you will find more information.       Love from Cilla.


December 1, 2020

– Your village gardening club

If you’re reading this before the 12th December you still have time to enter our BANKSIAN MEDAL COMPETITION.  Details are available at Blewbury Post Office, through Maggie in Upton on 01235 850126 or send me an email on  and I’ll send you the details.

I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the end of 2020 and what a year. A wet, wet  spring and a hot, hot summer, with windy storms in between. I won’t mention the stressful months caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. My allotment site was kept open whilst conforming to strict coronavirus rules. My allotments are my ‘green gym’. I don’t know how far I walked each day carrying two 2-gallon watering cans backwards and forwards from the trough! At the end of the season most of what I planted survived. Surprisingly the main crop potatoes (Cara) were superb and I’m now enjoying lovely baked jacket potatoes with plenty of butter. But the sweetcorn was a disaster  – I don’t know why – I kept them watered and weed-free, they produced cobs but dried out and died for no apparent reason.

The hens did really well despite the hot summer. Their inner run is enclosed and keeps surprisingly cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also gives them a dry run in the wet weather. I did have to take Holly (she’s nearly 7 years old!) to the vet recently. She had lost feathers around her face. She was given a complete overhaul and guess what – the vet decided it was her hormones, given her age. However, since then all the hens (Shallot, Pumpkin and Bortlotti) have received lots of tonics for their feathers, bones and general health. They all look in fine form and are still laying well. They’ve also had lots of treats including water melon!!

Just a reminder that we have cancelled our annual social which was due in December. Even if the lockdown-2 is lifted at the beginning of December it is unlikely that we will be allowed large gatherings and I’m sure, like me, you would rather stay safe. Maybe we can plan an Easter Social in 2021.

DID YOU KNOW?  Battersea Park in London was once the site of a giant asparagus field, with over 260 acres set aside for its cultivation. HAPPY GARDENING – KEEP WELL AND SAFE. Eileen

Postponement of the Duck Race

March 30, 2020

The situation regarding events held during the Coronavirus epidemic is constantly changing.

As we have now been told that the progress of the pandemic will cover the next two months, the bellringers have decided to postpone the annual Duck Race, which was due to take place on Easter Sunday.

The Duck Race will now take place on Michaelmas Sunday, 27th September.

If you have already bought tickets for the Duck Race and would like a refund, please can you take them back to the Post Office or, alternatively, any ducks that remain sold will be entered in the race in September.

We know that this is frustrating and disappointing, but we feel that it is the most sensible approach to take as caring for our health is far more important. Gill Loyd