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Blewbury lad standing for Parliament

April 22, 2024

I am standing in the West Reading & Mid Berkshire constituency under a centrist no-nonsense banner for a new political party I have founded, Enterprise.

My grandparents Enid and George Boon first came to Blewbury in the 1980s, previously they were in Streatley. My father Peter is a resident. I am staying down here much more this year as I canvass the electorate.

Blewbury is one village out of the above constituency which spans the Ilsleys, Aldworth, Streatley and as far east as Calcot. My aim in writing here is two-fold: firstly to garner support from Blewburians to volunteer to help me canvass the electorate, and secondly to hear what I am up to. I am giving speeches over meals so that you can hear what it’s like to launch a political start-up and trailblaze against the stale established political parties, and hear your suggestions. It is a sort of quid pro quo where there could be an option of a contribution to my campaign expenses which you and your guests might feel appropriate after hearing my story and debating on what needs to be done to fix this area/the country. I am an optimist and it is by putting one’s head above the parapet that opportunities and help arrive.

I am 48 years old. I humbly have assessed that there are not enough persons in the Commons who have national and international business experience (residing as well as working overseas), speak foreign languages or who have grit, humility, and determination. Alok Sharma MP is retiring, his majority is just 4K, so this is a winnable venture.

For more information, please visit or you can email me/call me and I could send you the 1.5-page manifesto I have written that covers some policy ideas and why me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Boon  07765 471380