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Emergency Plan

The Blewbury Parish Council has drawn up an Emergency Plan which will be implemented when the Emergency Services require community support or if a major incident has rendered a group of residents vulnerable.

Whilst the Emergency Services will take the lead in any such eventuality, the PC will endeavour to provide support for those who need it.

The major incidents we anticipate include, flood, fire, severe weather, power cuts.

A phone chain will be set up to ensure that were information needs to be disseminated rapidly throughout the village, for example in case of fire asking residents to restrict water usage in order to keep the water pressure up.

Flood and fire will probably have a limited number of victims who can be supported by friends, family and neighbours.  It may be necessary to open a community facility to provide shelter if evacuation of premises is required.

Severe weather events could leave the village cut off for some time.  Should this last for longer than 48 hours it may be necessary to arrange for supplies of medicines and food to be brought into the village.  We would hope that local farmers or 4×4 owners would help under these circumstances, and the PC will be available to act in a coordinating role if required.

The greatest emergency we anticipate will be long term power cuts with the related loss of water supply.  Under these circumstances the PC will endeavour to offer shelter, heat, food and drink to vulnerable residents who cannot be kept warm and fed in their own homes.

In this case any Parish Councillor in the village, together with the Clerk, will attempt to provide an adequately heated place (or places) of refuge by liaising with local individuals and organisations.  The PC will co-ordinate volunteers to provide blankets, food, drink and medical assistance as far as it can.  The PC is confident that residents will do all they can to support and help each other.