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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Zak aims for 2021 National Championship

January 22, 2021

Blewbury’s Zak Corderoy will be competing in the 2021 Pirelli National Superstock 600 Championship on board Binch Racing’s new Yamaha R6.

Having finished an impressive 3rd overall in last year’s championship after three 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish, Zak and the team are aiming high for 2021.

As one of the most popular feeder series for the British Superbike Championship, the Pirelli National Superstock 600 Championship is a very strongly contested series with amazing equipment plus riders who form the next generation of stars for the British Superbike Championship and beyond.

“Following a great year racing-wise for me in 2020, it’s a pleasure to team up with Binch Racing for 2021,” says Zak. “It’s a team that has a great track record on the road racing scene, and I have no doubt we can do great things together on the short circuits. The race season can’t come soon enough, We have our eyes firmly set on the championship and I can’t wait to get out on the Yamaha.”

Dave Binch, Project Manager at Binch Racing, couldn’t agree more: “Ultimately, we want to win races and with Zak onboard the Binch Racing Yamaha R6 we are giving ourselves the best chance of achieving this goal. I am over the moon to have signed Zak. He is a great talent and who knows we may even tempt him to ride one of my bikes at the Isle of Man TT in the future. However, for the time being our challenge is preparing ourselves to give the best chance of podium success in the 2021 BSB Pirelli National Superstock 600 championship.”

The Bulletin will be following Zak’s progress throughout the year, and you can keep up via social media @binchracing

Sustainable Blewbury

January 28, 2021

Read our most recent newsletter at

Hedges and hedge-laying: The photo shows the hedge that we have laid along the southern border of Blewbury allotments. This has had a transformative effect on the allotment plots alongside the hedge, allowing much more light in, and probably adding up to a metre of extra useable ground. We welcome suggestions for further hedges to be laid. John Ogden

Watlington Climate Action Group has made a very interesting, informative video about hedges, hedgerows, hedge laying and why they are important for improving biodiversity. You can view it at:
There is much activity these days about planting more trees to fight against global heating but the humble hedgerow can be overlooked. In the UK we have lost approximately half our hedgerows over the past 50 years, but even so it is estimated that there remain over 500,000 km of them. Collectively, that is Britain’s single largest nature reserve. Protecting/enhancing them is a hugely valuable contribution towards carbon reduction and improved biodiversity.

Laptops for online schooling: Sustainable Wantage is collecting old or unused laptops and tablets for schoolchildren who need one for online schooling, at The Mix on Mill Street. If you have one (working or not) why not donate it so they can repair it? Full details at:

Oval glass Pyrex casserole. 30cm x20 cm x10cm. Huge! Ordered by mistake and has never been used. Photo available. Jean Richards 851123
Oak dining table – approx. 180cm (extends to 270cm) x 90cm; six oak dining chairs; oak dresser – approx. 185cm long, linen fold and leaded glass doors; matching pair of bedside cabinets (Drexel Heritage) in dark wood finish; white dressing table c/w mirror and stool; white tallboy; two white bedside cabinets (not matching); three easy chairs (Parker Knoll); six glass demijohns. Peter Butler 07492 818158
·  Cloud-based storage service IP Camera – worked by wifi; has pan tilt, motion detection, night and day, 2-way intercom.·  AC1200 wifi Range extender. High-speed dual band.·  300mbps/867 Mbps by TP Link.·  Very large framed picture and autograph of Fernando Alonso, winner of 2005 Formula 1 World Championship, authenticated.Would like a donation to Cats Protection Charity. Sue Corderoy 850060
HP 21 Black and HP 22 Tri-colour printer cartridges bought in error – package damaged but cartridges sealed; forest scene incomplete canvas tapestry with all wool 36x50cms; Hoover Breeze vacuum cleaner A rated – plus tools; Orek mini vacuum cleaner with shoulder strap – plus tools; wooden bookshelf – 6 shelves (6.5’ high; 30” wide; 10.5” deep). Ann Dendy 850760
6 x 4 Forza football goal in good condition Lydia Inglis 07801 932393
·  20 assorted children’s books, ages 2 to 8, some almost new, some well loved, ranging from Here Comes Spot to Bob the Builder to Aliens Colouring to the Worst Witch·  Also 2 new bicycle saddle bags, 4 large china mugs in a stand and 100 large brass curtain rings (curtain hooks fit into them)If you want any of them I will leave them in our porch Jo Lakeland 850490
If you have any items to freecycle please email a short description (using ‘freecycle’ as your subject), and include your email and phone number. Lydia Inglis (

Getting involved in Sustainable Blewbury can contribute to the village and its environment. To participate, or to receive our free bi-monthly Newsletter, email or phone 850372.

Post Office News February 2021

Blewbury Post Office is still open for our usual opening times, for ‘essential transactions’ only, but to keep everyone safe please note the following:

  • face coverings must be worn
  • please sanitise your hands on the way in and out
  • only 1 person in the post office at any time
  • please have your items wrapped, addressed and with customs labels filled out BEFORE you get to the counter
  • all large letters and parcels to Europe and beyond need customs labels
  • rude and aggressive customers will be refused to be served
  • no Covid tests are accepted (priority post box in Church End, Blewbury only, or a post box with ‘priority’ on it)
  • last acceptance time is 4.30pm or 11.30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • opening times may change with government guidelines

Please note that as the British love a nice queue and a good moan about the weather, we are providing an ideal opportunity for both whilst waiting outside, totally free! You’re welcome!

Stay safe everyone. Love Karen, Maggie, Michael & Katrina

Blewbury Local History Group

A Blewbury connection to the WW2 Bombing of Coventry

The WW2 bombing of Coventry on Nov 14th 1940 damaged 75% of the city and destroyed many factories, the Cathedral and 20,000 homes. The day before this devastating attack a German Junkers 88 crashed on the Downs just south of Blewbury (see photo). Research by Nigel Parker, of the British Modern Military History Society, reveals the probable connection between these two events. It is now thought that the Junkers plane was returning from a reconnaissance mission over Coventry when it was engaged close to Nottingham by three Spitfires from RAF Digby. Much damage was inflicted on it, and it was last seen by the  Spitfire pilots heading south. It eventually crash landed just outside Blewbury at 14:45. Nigel Parker has retained a close interest in this incident and it came to our attention when, 80 years after it happened, he placed a small memorial in the village, and up on the Downs, to Hans Bossdorf, (aged 22), the German crew member, whose body was later buried in Harwell. Nigel had among other things interviewed Claude Corderoy about the incident, as he was one of the first on the scene.

We are currently trying to ascertain the exact crash site, but we believe that it was on Woodway Farm land. We do know that the Blewbury Home Guard were quickly in attendance, and they escorted the three surviving crew members (all in their mid  20s) to Didcot Police Station. The desk sergeant must have thought that they were winding him up when they told him that they had three German airmen outside, who they had just apprehended. His reply was reputed to be that “He would go to get his wife to cook them a hot meal then”.

Thanks to Nigel Parker we now have some excellent records of this incident, including interviews with a crew member, who stated that their plane had been on “reconnaissance over Bristol”, which was presumably intended as a decoy to the real purpose of their mission. There are however many unanswered questions, so we would love to hear from anyone else with information about this intriguing moment in Blewbury’s WW2 history.  We do know that the Junkers plane was put on display in St Giles, Oxford a few days later and then appeared in a War Show in Franklin Fields, Philadelphia, USA in June 1942.

  • Roger Murphy on behalf of the Blewbury Local History Group

Blewbury and Upton Village Produce Association

– Your village gardening club

In December we managed to hold the Banksian Medal Competition, with nine entrants.  Well done to Rosie and Mathew Phillips (the youngest entrants) for taking part. Woodturner Tony Sibley’s table decoration included wooden Christmas trees, snowmen and bells. Congratulations to our 90 years young entrant, who was placed 2nd – which proves you are never too old!!  Despite great difficulty in choosing a winner, the final decision was:  1st place – Kornelia Hearman,   2nd place – Helen Bennett, 3rd place – Graeme Gettings and Highly Commended – Rose and Mathew Phillips.

1st place: Kornelia Hearman, with husband Roger and judge Joanna Fielden


2nd place: Helen Bennett


3rd place: Graeme Gettings, with Joanna

The judges asked us to pass on congratulations to all the entrants, so, CONGRATULATIONS!

Well, we’re in lockdown again!  The Committee will be preparing for the Summer Show, to be held in July 2021.  In the meantime, maybe we can hold another competition at the beginning of April (if lockdown has been eased) – how about “An Easter Bonnet with Spring Flowers.”

Life on the allotment?  The past few weeks have been pretty cold!  And to add to the problems Defra advised the outbreak of avian flu.   It means that all chickens must be kept under cover so wild birds cannot gain access.  Fortunately my hens have always had an enclosed run, not only protecting them from wild birds, but keeping them warm and dry.  Their outer run is covered with butterfly netting which prevents even the smallest of birds getting inside.   The allotments are waiting for Spring – a bit soggy at the moment.  Good news is, I have sweet peas in the greenhouse, together with some garlic and six lovely lavender plants all waiting to be planted out.   It won’t be long until it will be seed planting time.  My seed potatoes arrived by post this week, so are now chitting in the spare bedroom!!

DID YOU KNOW?  “It is said that marigolds, particularly the Mexican variety ‘tagetes minuta’ will control Ground Ivy, Horsetail and Ground Elder.  It may be disconcerting to the visitor to see a dense crop of marigolds blazing in some unsuitable part of the garden, but if this remedy works as effectively as turnips against couch grass, who cares?


Blewbury WI News

Hello everyone. Here we are again, in lockdown again, but hopefully keeping well and safe.

Blewbury WI still has no signs of holding a “proper” meeting in the Village Hall, but we are keeping together as best we can with Zoom coffee mornings and meetings. One of our Members, Rosemary, who has been in our WI since 1983, has recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Because of the Covid restrictions we couldn’t have a ”party” but we made sure that she received cards and gifts throughout the day, albeit at a social distance. It was a happy occasion.

Lyn’s Walks

Once again the lockdown restrictions have caused the February walk to be cancelled. Hopefully, the mass vaccinations will let us walk in March. The next Bulletin will keep you informed.

For more details please contact our Secretary, Joy Boness on  01235 850543  or visit our web page, where you will find more information.       Love from Cilla.

Bridge Club

Congratulations to Jane Lennox and Fiona Jack who were the top ranked Blewbury Pair in the recent Peter Jordan EBU Simultaneous Pairs. They were 10th out of 654 pairs. Well done to them.

Our evening club sessions on BBO continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as do our Funbridge sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and for Novices on Fridays, all of which are 10.30am-10.30pm. When you play in the Funbridge sessions is entirely flexible and up to you.

The Wessex League team have been performing quite well. They currently lie second in Division 3 with one match left to play. Michael Allen. 851870