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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Thanks for helping me to help refugees

April 21, 2022

With all my heart I would like to thank my clients who supported me to go to Ukrainian border as a volunteer to help people in need.

Just like on the artist’s palette, there is a colour in our lives that gives it beauty and raises a smile on the face of another person. It is the colour of goodness. Selfless help is a very valuable gift, which people offer to another person without expecting anything in return, therefore man’s greatness can be judged by not what he possesses but by what he shares with others.

Therefore, I would like to thank Luisa Baldini, Jules March, Audrey Long, Caroline and Matt Pettigrew, Vivi and Paul Tuvey, Monique Wilkinson, Tessa Mayhew and Sasha and Peter Way for financial support to cover some expenses associated with my journey. I also would like to thank all my clients for sincere interest throughout four weeks of my stay on the Ukrainian border.

Marek Kosinski

Battling Motor Neurone Disease

On April 24th Blewbury resident and Bulletin distributor Susan Fletcher set off to walk the Pennine Way in one go to increase awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and raise funds to help beat it. Susan was diagnosed with MND – which is always fatal and for which there is no effective treatment – just before her 60th birthday in July last year.

The Pennine Way is Britain’s oldest, longest and, most would agree, toughest National Trail.  It starts at Edale in the Peak District and ends 260 miles, or a blistering 17 million inches (!), later at Kirk Yetholm just inside the Scottish border. Susan is planning to complete the walk in just four weeks, on or about May 22nd, but admits that it is a race against time.  MND gradually paralyses you and the rate of progress differs from case to case.  Susan’s MND has started with her voice and swallowing (the ‘bulbar’ region) but will spread to her limbs, causing immobility.  She expects to have lost the ability to speak by the time the walk starts, so her son Aidan (29) and daughter Jessica (27) will accompany her and be her voice.

“MND is considered a rare disease but actually affects more people than you would expect – for every 300 people born in the UK, one will be at risk of developing MND,” says Susan. “Life expectancy averages around three years from onset of symptoms. There are about 1,500 new cases diagnosed in England each year. The total number of sufferers at any one time is only around 5,000, but that’s because we don’t survive for very long.”

Would you like to join Susan on her walk?

Susan’s husband, Brian, has recently undergone a hip replacement and so is unlikely to be able to walk the entire path with her.  She does not want to walk it alone and so she is calling on all her friends, family and colleagues to join her for as little or as much as they choose.  At the time of writing 157 people have signed up. A few hardy souls are attempting the entire journey but most are choosing a portion of it, and there is still time to sign up.  “It’s going to be quite a party,” she says. Susan will also be supported by. “We are looking to average about 12 miles a day, with one day off each week.” She would love to hear from anyone who would like to support the cause, either by joining her on the walk or simply by donating. Anyone looking to get involved should visit  or to make a donation go to:

Blewbury’s Diamond Couple

Congratulations to Cyril and Margaret Godwin who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with their close family on March 31st (they even had a card from the Queen!) They met at a Nettlebed dance and married at Remenham church, Henley-on-Thames in 1962.

They moved to Blewbury in 1964 after visiting a friend in the village and falling in love with it and went on to have four girls here, who have all loved it just as much. The key to success in their long and happy marriage? Their support for each other through the good, the bad and the sad.

Jeanette Godwin-White