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Monthly Archives: April 2020

On the Bright Side

April 19, 2020

In the words of Eric Idle from the gospel according to Monty Python ‘Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad, but always look on the bright side of life!’

None of us have ever experienced anything like this before but experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. This is a time when we realise who our true friends are, those people who know you well but like you anyway. Blewbury has come up trumps in this time of adversity and talking of trumps, try telling Melania that social distancing is a bad thing.

Yes, even in Blewbury there are acute shortages caused by panic buying of avocados and goji berries and millennials shooting a line of bread flour but there are alternatives. Find something small and barely alive, put it on top of rice and strap it up with insulation tape – bingo, sushi! Or a cabbage from Savages, you know, that vegetable that’s as big and as wise as a man’s head. Going back to The Life of Brian – what did the Romans ever do for us, well they brought us tinned tomatoes, that’s what.

As well as bringing the community closer together, there have been other spin-offs, some good some bad. I no longer have to have as many meetings, where minutes are kept and hours are lost. Skipping the twentieth century we have embraced the twenty-first by having a Parish Council Zoom meeting which was ‘interesting’. But I have to say that I miss my twice weekly walk to the Blueberry with my mate Elphin for a couple of pints of Guinness, other makes of dark frothy beverages are available. This in spite of it now coming out of cans and brought to life with a vibrator. We would saunter along Watery Lane with his little legs trying to keep up in spite of doing four hundred Fitbit steps every hundred metres. He follows Ogden’s Law which states that the sooner you fall behind, the longer you have to catch up. But if I am inspired by anyone at this time to ‘always look on the bright side’ it is Elphin. In spite of a pretty ropey year before this mess he has still managed to come up with cartoons to amuse himself and others as he self isolates in Longridge, his house (see picture above).

So, no negativity. If we are all sensible, this will soon be a bad dream.  Chris Lakeland

Blewbury Good Neighbours Group

April 24, 2020

We now have over 200 lovely volunteers.

If you need a prescription collecting, some shopping done, a letter for posting or just need a friendly phone call, please ring Blewbury Post Office 01235 85177 or see the printed Bulletin for Karen or  Lydia’s mobile numbers and we will then find a volunteer who will call you back.

Woodlands pharmacy now requires a written letter of authorisation to collect on someone’s behalf, so please have a note written out & ready! Please don’t think you’re ‘being a nuisance’, because when we are poorly, we will be relying on you!

Stay safe. Love from Karen and Lydia 

What did you in the big lockdown, Granny?

  •  Blewbury Local History Group

Here we are in a situation dreamed up by a sci-fi writer that none of us could even dream of. Some people liken it to WW2, or the Spanish flu of 1918, but it only bears some similarity to those and is almost certainly affecting more of the world than anything before. We are all part of an historic time, so we should record it. That means all of us, not just academic professors or politicians but us, in Blewbury and around. We, the History Group, are suggesting that everyone should record our new everyday lives. What about random acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity? Funny things that have happened? lf you have time to write about your life daily, keep a diary. Shopping, meeting new people, glove wearing, keeping 2 metres apart, missing the family, the pub, football. The list is nearly endless, and if we don’t record it now it could be lost. Please send contributions to us, see below, any time, any length, and we plan to have an exhibition of a selection of items when we come out of lockdown and maybe a booklet as a permanent reminder.

Contact Audrey on 850427 or or Mark at

  • For anyone interested in the gravestones around St Michael’s (there have been some Facebook posts on the subject recently) there’s a complete list of all the inscriptions, compiled in 1939, on our website at

Romeo and Juliet

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and with regret the Trustees of the Blewbury Players have reluctantly concluded that we cannot produce a show this summer.

Thank you for your support so far.  We have reached this decision with sad hearts but retain our confidence in this production and very much hope to see it performed next year. Lots of work had already been done, cast and production crew assembled and director and designer creating exciting plans. Director, Chris Staines, has said that “It is hugely disappointing that we need to stall our plans, but I can see that it is the sensible thing to do. I do hope we are all able to pick up where we left off in due course”. Stay well. The Trustees

(Thank you to Sarah Salter for providing an amusing reflection on the practicalities of Romeo and Juliet with social distancing!)

Bridge Club Quiz


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