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From Brovary to Blewbury

May 18, 2022

I want to start my story by talking about my meeting with Andy and Laura Jarvis. Me and my daughter Katrine (aged 6) and my sister Marina and her daughter Nastya (aged 10) escaped from the aggressive and horrible invasion by Russia on Ukraine.

Just before we escaped Ukraine, I wrote a short post about myself and my family on Facebook. Andy and Laura, who wanted to support Ukrainians in these troubling times, saw this post and sent me a message welcoming me and my family to their house together with many photos of their beautiful family. My sister would stay at another lovely home nearby with Miriam and her dog Ruby. When I saw the message and the photos of our future home, I just fell in love with Blewbury.

When we arrived in this beautiful small village, I was very surprised at how many kind and friendly people live here. Everyone was very happy to help us in every situation, including taking us to the bank and to the supermarket. Every person we have met has offered us something different, treating us to burgers at the Beer Festival, croissants and pain au chocolates, sweets for the children, candles, chairs, flowers, clothes for the children, English lessons and above all the possibility for us to feel safe and happy.

A week after we arrived in Blewbury, our children started in the school where they began to learn English and immediately felt more at home in their new environment. They have made many new friends and are beginning to enjoy their new lives in Blewbury.

Blewbury is beautiful, with many lovely old houses, delightful views of the countryside, wonderful people, horses, rabbits, red kites and squirrels! Everybody takes care of their gardens, this is one of the reasons why this village is so comfortable, cosy and welcoming.

In time, I think that Blewbury will become like a second home for me, my family and every Ukrainian refugee that comes here. I want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart, to everyone that has supported and continues to support Ukraine and our people.

From Hanna and my family, with love.

Photo: Hanna, Marina, Kartine, Nastya and baskets of Ukrainian bread