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Sustainable Blewbury

December 22, 2020

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Thermal imaging of houses: Get your home thermally imaged for free in January – Seeing where heat is leaking out can help you make your home more comfortable, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint by showing what can be done to improve your insulation. Sustainable Blewbury volunteers have imaged and provided short reports on well over 200 homes in Blewbury since 2009. To be on our list, or for more information, email or phone Eric at 07935 232296. (We need more helpers. It’s interesting work and little experience is needed to help take the images. Just contact us as above.)

Annual footpath leaf clearing – DIY this year! A big thank you to all the public-spirited people who have been taking part in the Great Blewbury Rake-Off by clearing leaves from our footpaths. By pure coincidence we started during the Vale’s Recycling Week, so the brown bin men took away many of the bags piled up around the village.

It is hard work once the leaves have got soggy, and they were under water in Watts Lane one weekend. Well done! Most of the leaves have now been cleared, but do feel free to tackle any patches left behind. If you do this please bag up the leaves, stack them at the road end of the footpath, and post where you have left them on BVS Facebook so that people who want leaves for mulching know they are there. (Or, if you do not use Facebook, email me at so that I can post them). The Parish Council will clear any bags remaining, but we want to give you the opportunity to help yourself to some leaves before they do so. Thank you again, from SB/the BVS/BPC who (with volunteers) arrange the leaf clearing in a more normal year. (I think leaf clearing may officially become the Great Blewbury Rake Off from next year!)  Thank you for helping to keep Blewbury beautiful!  Jo Lakeland

Hedge-laying progress: We have now laid the hedge along the southern border of Blewbury allotments. This has had a transformative effect on the allotment plots alongside the hedge, allowing in much more light and probably adding up to a metre of extra useable ground. We were originally asked to lay 80 metres of hedge and, with some stakes and binders cut from the hazel growing along the road boundary we have extended this to over 100 metres. The small length of hedge remaining has been cut down to the same size. We welcome suggestions for further hedges to be laid.  John Ogden

Unused wall-mounted CD and MP3 player, some talking books, unused… A donation to Oxfam would be welcome. Peter Saunders 850245
Blue and red wooden Thomas the Tank Engine train bed, to suit single mattress. Free to a good home, but donation to Preschool appreciated. Marianne Suhr 07808 287507
Large free standing embroidery frame 60 cm wide Ann Dendy 850760
If you have any items to freecycle please email a short description (using ‘freecycle’ as your subject), and include your email and phone number. Lydia Inglis (

Getting involved in Sustainable Blewbury can contribute to the village and its environment. To participate, or to receive our free bi-monthly Newsletter, email or phone 850372.