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Post Office News

May 31, 2021

As restrictions are slowly being lifted, please still take care; we are still only allowing one person (or family) in at one time. Please still use the hand sanitiser and try not to lift it off the wall (just hold your hand under it), and don’t come in if you are unwell.

PLEASE don’t bring your COVID tests into the Post Office, they MUST go in the PRIORITY POST BOX in Church End. This box is emptied every day, and the COVID tests are segregated and sent on their way swiftly. (I don’t care what it says on the website or on the label, our Head Office tells us NOT to accept them.)

Paul McCartney stamps are on sale from May 28th, and we are expecting the Prince Philip ones in soon.

We are closed for the Bank Holiday weekend, including the Saturday morning.

The old £20 notes are still legal tender and we have received no withdrawal date (the Bank of England have to give six months’ notice) but we have started to take them out of circulation anyway. We are also still accepting old £10 notes and £1 coins, but only if banked into an account. We now accept TSB business account cash and cheque deposits, along with most other personal bank accounts, so you can save a journey into Didcot, Abingdon or Oxford.

We have Duck Race tickets, Summer Dance tickets, Kitty’s eggs, local honey, beautiful homemade jewellery, summer scarves, ice cream, sweeties, packaging, local greetings cards. We’ve sent off a consignment of pill packets for the Marie Curie charity, and still have books and jigsaws.  Love from Karen, Maggie, Katrina & Michael