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Thanks for helping me to help refugees

April 21, 2022

With all my heart I would like to thank my clients who supported me to go to Ukrainian border as a volunteer to help people in need.

Just like on the artist’s palette, there is a colour in our lives that gives it beauty and raises a smile on the face of another person. It is the colour of goodness. Selfless help is a very valuable gift, which people offer to another person without expecting anything in return, therefore man’s greatness can be judged by not what he possesses but by what he shares with others.

Therefore, I would like to thank Luisa Baldini, Jules March, Audrey Long, Caroline and Matt Pettigrew, Vivi and Paul Tuvey, Monique Wilkinson, Tessa Mayhew and Sasha and Peter Way for financial support to cover some expenses associated with my journey. I also would like to thank all my clients for sincere interest throughout four weeks of my stay on the Ukrainian border.

Marek Kosinski