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Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 9th February 2022 at 7.30 pm in the Melland Room at the Blewbury Clubhouse.

In attendance: - Cllrs M Blythe (MB), L Robinson (LR), M Shayler (MS), V Humphries (VH), J Gibson (JG), L Inglis (LI/via Zoom). E Cooper (EC/Clerk), D Hollick (DH/Lengthman), C Burrow (CB). District Cllr H Gascoigne (HG).

1.     To receive apologies for absence

D Mathias, S Povolotsky

2. To co-opt a new councillor

Camilla Burrow had applied to become a new councillor. Council unanimously agreed for the co-option to take place. CB duly completed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office & the Register of Interest forms.

3.     To record any declarations of interests relating to this meeting

None declared.

4.     To receive the County Councillor’s report

Sent in advance of the meeting to Council.

5.     To receive District Councillor’s report

Sent in advance of the meeting to Council.

LI raised Blewbury Conservation Area appraisal again & her concerns as to how long this may take. HG to investigate the process.

JG again raised concerns over Biffa recycling processes & asked HG how much pressure the District Council is putting on Biffa to improve? HG to provide all the information she has & also stated the Environment Bill should tighten up processes.

6.     To receive the Lengthman’s report (see Appendix B below)

7.     To receive a report from the PCSO

Sent in advance of the meeting to Council.

8.   Open Forum

To receive representations from members of the public if present.

None present.

9.   To approve previous minutes, ratify all decisions made & report on any matters arising


Minutes of the BPC meetings held on 12th January 2022

Council unanimously agreed & ratified the contents of the previous minutes.

10. To hear the Planning Committee Report & Ratify/Agree Planning Responses


10.1 To agree the council’s response to the following consultations

P22/V0216/HH Milward, Westbrook Street, Blewbury

Demolition of existing conservatory, single storey rear extension & garage. Erection of new single storey rear & side extension & new detached workshop. Internal reconfigurations as necessary.

Deadline 26.02.22

Council agreed no objections to this consultation 10.02.22.


10.2 To ratify any planning responses made during the month: –


10.2.1 P21/V3417/HH & P22/V0072/ LB Laurences, Nottingham Fee, Blewbury

Raise chimney height, change wood burning stove etc.

Deadline 05.02.22

Council agreed no objections 20.01.22


10.2.2 P21/V2536/HH & P21/V2538/LB Amendment 1, Borlase, South Street, Blewbury

Amended plans.

Deadline 01.02.22

Council agreed no objections 20.01.22


10.3 To note planning permissions received during the month


10.3.1 P21/V3247/HH Corner Cottage, South Street, Blewbury

Planning permission 19.01.22

10.3.2 P21/V3417/FUL Westbrook Farm, Westbrook ST, Blewbury

Planning permission 01.02.21


11.    To hear an update on Finance & Administration


11.1 To receive any updates on planned expenditure from contributions held on CIL / SBBR.

CIL funds held £15,273.28.

SBBR funds held (Clubhouse) £3501.


11.2 To hear all other financial updates

11.2.1 End of month reconciliation sent in advance of the meeting to the Chairman. Agreed &  signed at the meeting.

11.2.2 Lloyds Bank account funds as of 31.01.22 were £141,444.05 (inc. £42,552.80 village hall refurb funds). Net funds available £98,891.25.

11.2.3 Clubhouse finances update

As at 31.01.22: Receipts £8,125.00. Payments (all areas) £12,870.76. Reserves £3501.


11.3 To hear all other administrative updates

11.3.1 Introduction of an accounting system

The Clerk & Cllr Robinson had submitted to the Councill ahead of the meeting a case for using the Scribe accounting system. Council unanimously agreed the introduction of this                   system.

11.3.2 Lloyds mandate for new signatories returned to Lloyds 27.1.22

The Clerk reported that Lloyds had acknowledged receipt of the mandate.

11.3.3 Queens Platinum Jubilee

This was briefly discussed & Council acknowledged that the BVS were organising a village-wide event on 5th June.

11.3.4 Operation London Bridge

This was briefly discussed as to how is may affect the Council. Clerk to speak to PCC.

11.3.5 Dissolution of the CIC

Following a request from a CIC director, Council unanimously agreed that the CIC should be dissolved. However, Council also agreed that this was not a matter for the Council, as it was for the CIC Members to agree. Clerk to respond to Mr Barrett.


11.4 To agree authorisers for this month’s payments

Cllrs Gibson & Inglis.

11.5 To approve payments to be made under the general power of competence and within budgeted

Amounts in the table below. Council agreed to all payments.





E Cooper /

D Hollick / E Holroyd

Clerk, Lengthman & Hall Administrator salaries & expenses for January


NEST DDClerk’s pension January£78.67
HMRCPAYE Clerk, Lengthman, Hall Admin January£303.00
Biffa Waste Services Ltd DDWaste services January£105.07


BT DDClubhouse line rental January£37.20
Scottish Power DD (01.02.22)Clubhouse electricity£266.00


OALC W1994Preparing for Year End Course – Clerk£66.00
J NewmanClubhouse cleaning£216.00
Pear TechnologyAmendments to Cemetery Mapping system£357.00
Samson ShuttersMelland Room bar shutters (paid to be ratified)£939.60
SSE DDScout Hut electricity Oct-Jan£117.64
Travis PerkinsPostcrete & wiper roll£58.31
Shop4AllMelland room heaters & controller (paid to be ratified)£1173.24
Community First OxfordshireAnnual membership£55.00
Total £5850.15





Cemetery FeesBurials£855.00
BVHEMCHEH repay Oct – Dec.£884.00
Total £1739.00

12.    To receive an update from VHEMC & on the Village Hall Refurbishment


12.1 VHEMC update

No update this month.

12.2 Village Hall refurbishment update (JG)

Cllr Gibson said snagging work was still ongoing & no final invoices had been produced.


13.    To receive an update on the all things relating to the operation of the Clubhouse & the recreation ground

13.1 Clubhouse (MP)

13.1.1 Melland Room Heaters

4 heaters & a controller were on order from Shop4All. Clerk is pursuing a delivery date.

13.1.2 Water heaters

A plumber was expected at the Clubhouse this week to understand requirements (Clerk’s note-no show). Clerk to pursue other plumbers.

13.1.3 Any other updates on any aspect of the Clubhouse DH stated he had taken the old tables apart & VH agreed to advertise the tables on Facebook at a nominal fee. (Clerk’s note: – all 11 tables sold for a total of £45). MP stated he had opened discussion with the Cricket Club regarding  arrangements for this year’s cricket season.

13.2 Recreation ground (MP/DH)

DH reported the recreation ground was in good shape, currently being used every week by the Amazons football group.

14.    To receive an update on all aspects of TFF & car park


14.1 Play areas upgrades update (LR/DH)

LR had informed Council ahead of the meeting of the results of the play area matting upgrade & maintenance quotes. Only one company satisfied all criteria & also quoted the lowest price. Council unanimously agreed to proceed with Playground Facilities. Work is not expected to commence before towards the end of April. LR to confirm with Playground Facilities.

14.2 Any other updates


15.    To receive an update on Risk Management & Compliance


15.1 Any update or information on risk management & compliance (VH)

No updates this month.

15.2 Cemetery paths update (EC)

The Clerk reported that following a refinement of the specification and a reduction in the number of paths to be reinstated at this stage, only one contractor had responded & quoted accordingly (one contractor failed to re-quote, one withdrew). Council unanimously agreed to proceed with SCS                 Contractors and to include an upgrade to the cemetery main entrance, which was included in the quote.

16.   To receive an update on issues relating to the Environment


16.1 Information from Sustainable Blewbury (LI)

CB will take over as SB liaison from March. MB had approached the leaseholder of Frying Pan  wood regarding improving access to what is open access land & the leaseholder was receptive. MB & CB to discuss making Frying Pan Wood more accessible to villagers, while improving the habitat for wildlife. LI to feedback information to SB.

16.2 Any other environmental issues

Clerk to write a thank you letter to Ed Hall/Beeswax for his help with hedge cutting.

An informal meeting was held between MS, LI, CB & A Musson to discuss the future of hedge management. MS stated the cemetery hedge has to be closely managed & is the responsibility         of the Council. Other hedges here the Council does not have the equipment to cut, should be managed in their growth. DH had supplied a map of the hedges in question. CB to gain an understanding of  Council hedges responsibilities within the village.


17.   To receive an update on any issues relating to Footways, Footpaths, rights of way and open spaces


17.1 To receive an update on the pending tree work at the Cleeve (MP) & Cemetery (EC)

17.1.1 Cleeve trees – 6-week planning notice expires 25th February.

17.1.2 Cemetery paths covered in 15.2 above.

17.2 Play Close Footpaths (JG)

JG had informed the Council of the problems experienced by residents with the narrow pathways  across the Play Close and that she had already been in touch with the Church Warden to open             discussions. JG will pursue and see what help the Council can be in finding a resolution.

17.3 MB continues to talk to landowners regarding the reinstatement of footpaths in the village that have                 disappeared. Also, where ‘permissive’ paths should be footpaths.

18.   To receive an update on any outstanding consultations



19.   To set the date/venue of the next meeting of the Council

CB asked if the meetings could start at 7pm in future? Council agreed to trial the new start time from the March meeting.

Next full council meeting Wednesday 9th March at 7.00pm in the Melland Room.

The meeting finished at 9pm.


Appendix A


No.Actions from this meetingWhen By
1.Clerk to instigate new accounting system.1.3.22
2.Clerk to pursue Lloyds mandate for new signaturesMarch meet
3.Clerk to spk PCC re Operation London BridgeMarch meet
4.Clerk to respond to S Barrett re CICActioned
5.Clerk to pursue plumbers for Clubhouse water heatersMarch meet
6.LR to confirm playground work with Playground FacilitiesMarch meet
7.MB & CB to discuss Frying Pan Wood improved accessibilityMarch meet
8.Clerk to write thank you letter to E HallMarch meet
9.CB to gain understanding of PC hedges within villageTBA
10.JG to pursue solutions to Play Close paths with Church WardenMarch meet


No.Actions from January meetingWhen By
1.LI to speak to Blewbury school head teacher re attending BPC meetings. LI also to share SEN link with Council. LI had emailed school representatives, but no reply as yet.Actioned
4.MB to feedback to LI re vehicles on Woodway.Actioned
5.HG to look at process for Vale conservation area appraisal to ensure no delays for BPC submission.C’fwd
8.MP to spk C Burrows re CPF application for £500 towards increasing the biodiversity & life in the CleveActioned
9.MB to:-

1.     Write to landowners of ploughed out bridle/byway.

2.     To establish landowner of Lid’s Bottom & discuss open access.



Appendix B – Lengthman’s Report – January 2022

January has been fairly quiet. No grass cutting although it seems to be still growing slowly.


Repairs have been made to the wooden A frame climbers at TFF and to the large platform swing. Just the matting to be sorted out.

The gate posts to the large entrance gate are badly rotten and need replacing. New posts have been obtained and hopefully installed soon.

Hedges have been cut by the Beeswax hedge cutter and a thankyou letter to Eddie Hall is in order I think.

Recreation Ground

This being well used by Amazons FC and stays in good condition. External lights have been replaced in the car park area.


New shutters have been delivered and need fitting.

Annual fire extinguishers have been checked.

New tables and trolley for the Melland room have been delivered and are available for use. The old tables have been dismantled (legs taken off) and stored ready for disposal or sale.

All buildings and equipment are in good order.


Appendix C – County Council Report

COVID-19: public health data 
The statistics

In the seven days up to 28 January, there has been a total of 10,058 confirmed new COVID-19 cases in Oxfordshire. This is an increase of 10 per cent from 9,046 new cases in the previous week and is equivalent to a weekly rate of 1,443.3 per 100,000 residents. Cases in the over 60s have increased from 618 to 676, which is equivalent to a weekly rate of 400.8 per 100,000 residents.

You can view the latest figures on our COVID-19 dashboard. Statistics now include people who become re-infected (more than 90 days after a prior positive test) and adjustments have been made to all figures going back to the start of the pandemic.

Cases of COVID-19 by district

Cases in 7 days up to


Rate per 100,000 populationCases in 7 days up to


Rate per 100,000 population
South Oxfordshire1,5861,103.11,8051,255.4
Vale of White Horse1,7541,271.81,9531,416.1
West Oxfordshire1,4771,321.61,5771,411.1

Data correct as at 5pm on 1 February.

COVID-19: guidance and advice 
Support available for people who need to self-isolate

Please remind your constituents that support is available for people who need to self-isolate and they may even be eligible for financial assistance. Check out our self-isolation support pack on our website for further information.

Key signposts to further information:

Communications campaigns

We are continuing to highlight the importance of remaining cautious in the wake of the lifting of Plan B restrictions and as COVID-19 rates remain high across the county. We would be very grateful for help in promoting this message to your constituents and sharing our posts on Twitter and Facebook.

We are also supporting our NHS partners in sharing messages about vaccinations and boosters.

Consultations and engagement activities 
The following consultations are currently live. Please encourage your constituents to have their say by sharing the relevant links for further information.

ConsultationLink to consultationClosing date
Tramway Road (Banbury) improvementsApplication and supporting documents10 February
Oxford United’s request to lease land (Kidlington)Let’s Talk Oxfordshire22 February
Location of cameras to enforce traffic regulationsLet’s Talk Oxfordshire2 March
Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)Let’s Talk Oxfordshire10 March
Library and heritage servicesLet’s Talk Oxfordshire18 March
News in brief 
Multiple successes for our trading standards team

Our trading standards team is celebrating a number of recent successes. Firstly, an illegal stash of tobacco worth £6,000 has been seized from a car in Kidlington as part of a joint operation with the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit. Following a different operation, a Faringdon retailer has been found guilty of selling a knife to a teenager after the team made a test purchase in store. Lastly, illegal tobacco confiscated by our trading standards team has been sent to Viridor’s Ardley Energy Recovery Facility to be safely disposed of and contribute to the plant’s generation of electricity. There’s more information about this story online. 

LGBT+ History Month: events at the council

February is LGBT+ History Month and marks the 50th anniversary of the very first Pride march in the UK. LGBT+ History Month is for everyone. It gives us all a fantastic opportunity to learn about and celebrate the history of our LGBT+ communities in the UK and to reflect on how we can be more inclusive. You can read more in our intranet news headline. And please drop into the online Rainbow Lounge on Friday 11 February at 12.30pm, where we will be joined by special guest Rahul Upadhyay, co-chair of World Pride.

Oxford’s zero emission zone pilot to launch on 28 February

Britain’s first zero emission zone (ZEZ) will begin in Oxford on 28 February.

The pilot will launch in a small number of streets in the city centre. All petrol and diesel vehicles, including hybrids, will incur a daily charge unless eligible for a discount or exemption. However, zero emission vehicles, such as electric cars, can enter the pilot area free of charge. Read our news article for further details.

Toni finally takes to the air with our support

Toni Radulovic from Wantage has finally achieved her dream of a microflight despite having been diagnosed with MS some years ago. It was only when Toni shared her ambition with a member of our sensory impairment team during a standard assessment that her dream quickly started to change to reality. You can read Toni’s story online.

Transforming adult social care

Our adult social care team is fundamentally transforming how care is delivered in the county. Harnessing the power of our local communities has allowed the team to reimagine how it works together to deliver better outcomes for all. Read our intranet news headline to find out more.

Community cuts street speed to 20mph

Speed limits in Pyrton Lane in Watlington have been reduced from 30mph to 20mph following a request from Watlington Parish Council. Councillor Bearder approved the change last Thursday. It will also include two flat top road humps and a speed cushion funded by the parish council to slow down vehicles. The change is expected to encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school and make it safer for pedestrians. Find out more in our news story.

Council meetings and information 
Upcoming meetings:

We are continuing to work with the chairs to take a pragmatic approach to holding our formal meetings. The following are scheduled next week:

  • Tuesday 8 February, Full Council, 10.30am
  • Thursday 10 February, Health Improvement Partnership Board, 2pm
  • Friday 11 February, Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel, 11am (provisional)

Access to public meetings

Links to view public meetings can be found on the meeting details page on our website – simply click the meeting in the calendar to see if it is possible to view the live meeting. For those members requesting to speak, committee officers will make the necessary arrangements for you to attend the meeting. Recordings can be viewed after each meeting. You can easily import meeting dates to your google calendar by clicking on the link ‘download meeting dates or papers’ on the meeting calendar page of our website.

Division News 
Last Night – the first GARD public meeting took place in Steventon. I have attached the other dates to this email.

Spoke with TVP around the scramble bikes on the Icknield Way and other areas, they are looking into the issue but ideally need information on where the bikes are unloaded (likely from a van / trailer) so do get in touch with the PCSO team if you have any intel.

Steventon Bridge / am chasing the line marking and perm signage and the TRO for the 20mph from advisory to regulation.

Rowstock Relief Project, sadly there’s been another turnaround of staff, and I had a debriefing yesterday. There’s now a push to do the first part of this scheme which is Milton Park to Steventon Lights, I stressed joined up thinking with the Bridge team around current issues. Hopefully designs soon, meanwhile I have relayed my concerns on other parts of the wider scheme.

A417, in the last week there has been two nasty accidents one a pedestrian and the other a bike rider, as a result I’ve stressed on our safety team these accidents have been inevitable due to the road usage, speeds and lack of safe crossings. I hope to have some good news soon.

Below is my response to residents about the Milton Hill distribution development, I will be objecting at planning committee on 15.2.22.

Application no: P21/V1171/FUL

Location: Former Esso Research Centre Abingdon Road Milton Hill Abingdon

Dear Resident

Thank you for contacting me about the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) response to the above planning application. As I am sure you are aware, as the Highways Authority we had a holding objection. However, the developer has submitted alternative transport mitigation proposals and additional data in relation too many of the outstanding issues which has changed the nature of the Highway Authority consultation response.

I have worked with the officers on this application at every stage, and as you will see from the final response, officers are satisfied that the applicant has mitigated against its transport impact and offered solutions and contributions within the policies that guide us from OCC and National Framework / Planning Policy.

Please do remember that the Highways Authority (OCC) is not the planning authority, and the decision / recommendation sits with VOWH officers. I believe this application will be heard at planning committee in February and ultimately the decision is therefore made by the members of that committee.

Of course, as your elected member I still stand in objection to the overall application and scheme and feel very frustrated that there isn’t more we can do as the Highways Authority to object, but officers must work within the letter of the planning policies that govern them. Changing the law is sadly beyond my capacity, I wish it wasn’t at times! I have raised the issue several times to members of the cabinet and now seek their support at the committee hearing.

Having spoken to members of the District Council (VOWH), this isn’t in the Local Plan and there needs to be a clear objection to protecting this space as a green zone given the amount of development the local area has had to take due to government quotas, as well as endless disruption to people’s lives in and around the hamlet of Rowstock / Harwell / Steventon and Hendred Parishes.

I am sorry I don’t have better news, but I have worked as hard as I can, as have officers to reach what is a reasonable position given the nature of the application.

And finally… 
Staying up to date

For the latest information about the council’s response to COVID-19, regularly check your emails, visit the council’s website and follow our social media accounts.

All the best, please stay safe and well.

Sally Povolotsky 


Appendix D

Monday 7th February 2022 Monthly Parish Update

Vale of White Horse District Councillors Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley

We recently spent a lovely Sunday afternoon having coffee and cake at the Harwellian social club in Harwell village. The newly installed windows and other renovation works look fantastic! Well done to the committee and the team of volunteers for their countless hours of hard work on this, you have certainly achieved your vision of making the Harwellian a friendly and welcoming community club for everyone.

This month we have the first Full Council meeting of 2022, where we will be voting on the budget for the next financial year. We’re very proud of all the climate change work going on at the council currently, including installing electric vehicle chargers in council-owned car parks, setting out our Climate Action Plan and establishing a new Climate Action Fund, which communities can apply for from the end of February.

We use these monthly updates to keep you updated on our activities, general council news and any COVID-19 developments. We also post regularly on our councillor Facebook Page: Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any issues or concerns, either via Facebook message or email: and    

COVID-19 & Community Support

England has returned to Plan A. You should continue to protect yourself and others. Keep up to date with latest government guidance via

  • Get vaccinated and get your booster dose
  • Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces
  • Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer
  • Get tested and self-isolate if required

From 17 Jan, there have been some changes on self-isolation rules. You must still self-isolate immediately if you test positive for Covid-19.

You can finish self-isolating at the start of day 6 if you get two negative rapid lateral flow test results on days 5 and 6 (24 hours apart) and do not have a temperature. If either test is positive, wait 24 hours before testing again. The self-isolation period remains 10 full days for those without negative results taken a day apart.

The latest COVID-19 figures are updated on the county council’s interactive dashboard on a daily basis.

Contact the Community Support Hub

A reminder to all residents that the councils’ Community Support Hub continues to operate for anyone who needs any assistance, either as a result of COVID-19 or just for anyone who needs signposting towards the appropriate support channel. There are multiple ways to get in touch with the Community Support Hub:

Residents can also contact:

  • Citizens Advice – 0808 278 7907
  • Vale Community Impact – 01235 765348

Household Support Fund Available for anyone in need

  • The government’s Household Support Fund (HSF) is still open, offering a very important lifeline for households who may struggle to afford life’s essentials over winter.
  • The money will primarily be used to help pay for food, energy, and water bills for residents, but other costs can also be covered.
  • The fund is open to any resident who is struggling and can’t afford basic household essentials.
  • To find out about the scheme or seek help, call Citizens Advice on 0808 278 7907.
  • See more information here.
  • The scheme will end in March 2022, unless funds are spent sooner.

Better Housing Better Health offers support and advice for those struggling to stay warm and well at home and can refer people to services which offer free home energy advice visits and financial and benefit advice. For more info see

Over £2.5 million available for businesses in South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse

Businesses based in South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse districts in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors are being urged to apply for support from the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant fund. Visit our dedicated webpage for further details.

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to claim money from the government through the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme. Find out how you can claim.

Local News

Number of rough sleepers recorded in the district as zero on 31 December 2021

The number of rough sleepers recorded in both Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire districts on 31 December 2021 was zero. This is the first time since 2013 that no rough sleepers were recorded in both councils’ areas.

Climate & Environment News

Work starts on installing EV chargers

Work will begin on the Park and Charge Electric Vehicle charging scheme in Wantage next week. The scheme proposes a total of up to 62 new charging points in car parks across the Vale of White Horse district.

New Climate Action Fund – apply from 28th Feb

On Friday 4th February, the cabinet of Vale of White Horse DC approved a new Climate Action Fund. The pot of £50K will be awarded to projects across the Vale which support communities to take action on climate change. Organisations that receive funding will invited to join a learning network which will provide opportunities for groups to collaborate and share experiences. To learn more, take a look at the cabinet meeting papers – p40 onwards. Watch this space (or check out the Vale website news page) closer to the time for how to apply.

Climate Action Plan

The Vale are now finalising their new Climate Action Plans which will outline the steps will take to achieve our aim of becoming a carbon neutral council by 2030, with a 75 per cent reduction in emissions by 2025, alongside further actions that could help to reduce emissions locally. The plan includes as series of actions we will deliver, putting us in a much stronger position to reach our carbon neutral target.The plan was approved by Cabinet on 4 February. More information about the Climate Action Plan can be found here. We will continue to monitor progress on our carbon emissions, which we report annually.  See our latest Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions report for more details.

Council News

Full Council

The next Vale of White Horse Full Council meeting will be held on 16th February at the Milton Park Offices. The full agenda and budget paper will be published here, and you can stream the meeting here.
As with any council meeting, members of the public may speak at the meeting, which can be in person or online. If you wish to address the council, please email Democratic Services ahead of the meeting, ideally two working days before.

The Council’s budget for the next financial year will be presented and voted on at the meeting.The Finance team and the cabinet member for finance have worked hard to make sure the budget is balanced and the good news is that we are in an improved position to last year. Unfortunately the government continues to reduce the amount of funding given to councils, meaning the councils have to do more with less.

Smaller communities could have a greater say on housing developments in South and Vale

Small communities in the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire will now have an opportunity for greater influence on how and where houses and other developments should be built in their area.

Consultation opens on guide for high-quality sustainable new development

A consultation has been launched on a draft Joint Design Guide. This document provides guidance to anyone submitting a planning application on how new development can be designed and constructed to the highest quality and sustainability. We would welcome input from residents across the district as this document shapes how you want your area to look and feel.

Vale Cabinet to consider proposals to make car parking sustainable

Vale of White Horse District Council’s Cabinet is to consider proposals to make the district’s car parking more financially sustainable.

Infrastructure Funding Statements now available

South and Vale councils have published their Infrastructure Funding Statements for 2020/21 to provide an annual summary on developer contributions. Vale were able to secure £14,419,013. When developers get planning permission from the council, the planning officers are able to secure contributions to the local infrastructure and amenities. There are two types of contributions that developers can make; they are Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106. You can read more information on funds allocated to projects via the Vale website.

Corporate plan updates
The Vale of White Horse District Corporate Plan highlights the council’s priorities and strategic themes for the next few years. On February 1st, the Vale Scrutiny committee reviewed the corporate plan performance report for Q2 2021-2022. In the performance report, you can see the projects under each theme, and the progress the council is making. The themes are:

  • Providing the homes people need
  • Tackling the Climate Emergency
  • Building healthy communities
  • Building stable finances
  • Working in partnership
  • Working in an open and inclusive way