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Minutes the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 10th August 2022 at 6 pm in the Melland Room.

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th August 2022 at 6pm in the Melland Room,
to cover Planning & Payments for August only

In attendance:-  D Mathias                                         Chairman

L Inglis                                             Vice-Chair

L Robinson                                       Councillor

E Cooper                                           Clerk


1.     To receive apologies for absence



2.     To record declarations of interests relating to this meeting


3.   Planning

3.1 To approve or ratify responses to current applications


3.1.1 P22/V1588/HH Millbrook Cottage, Berry Lane, Blewbury

Construction of a garden office.

Deadline 24.08.22

BPC no objections 10.08.22.


3.1.2 P22/V1833/HH Gable Cottage, Westbrook St, Blewbury

Single-storey lead roofed kitchen extension.

Deadline 23.08.22

BPC no objections 10.08.22.


3.1.3 P22/V1817/HH Lantern Cottage, South St, Blewbury

Single-storey rear extension + alterations to roof & windows. Demolition of existing garage & erection of new garage.

Deadline 01.09.22

BPC no objections 10.08.22.


3.1.4 MW.0099/22 Chilton Recycling Facility

Retrospective installation of picking station & scanner.

Deadline 02.09.22

BPC no objections 10.08.22.


3.1.5 P22/V1699/HH Morters, Church Road, Blewbury

Replacement of existing double garage with ancillary family room.

Deadline 06.08.22

BPC no objections 02.08.22, but with the following comment:- BPC asks that the ancillary  accommodation proposed remains subordinate to the main house of Morters. Ratified.


3.1.6 P22/V1656/HH 2 Downside, Westbrook St, Blewbury

First floor extension at side of existing dwelling to create additional living accommodation.

Deadline 02.08.22

BPC objected, recommending that access issues be resolved before any planning is approved 02.08.22 – ratified.


3.2 To note any planning permissions received during the month


4.   Finance & Administration

4.1 To hear financial & administrative updates


4.1.1 End of month reconciliation sent in advance of the meeting to the Chairman.

Agreed & signed by the Chairman


4.1.2 Lloyds Bank update Account funds as of 31.7.22 were £103,348.37 (inc. £21,909.51 village hall refurb funds). Blewbury Parish Council Resolution – Lloyds Bank Mandate

Blewbury Parish Council hereby agree & resolve to remove J Gibson as a signatory from the Lloyds Bank account as they are no longer a serving councillor. Council noted this                         leaves 3 serving members as signatories, in accordance with item 6.4 of the Council’s Financial Regulations (two to sign).

Lloyds Bank ‘Members’ resolution instructions’ form agreed by all present & signed by DM & LR.


4.2 To agree signatories for payments detailed below.



4.3 To approve payments to be made under general power of competence and within budgeted amounts.

4.3.1 To agree to the renewal of CPRE membership

Agreed by all present.

4.3.2 Clerk stated that the current balance with Scottish Power (Clubhouse Electricity) was £1244.28 (at 8.8.22) in credit. Without knowing electricity costs for next winter, Council agreed to leave the account in credit. EC to inform MP.



PAYEEDescription Amount
E Cooper, D Hollick, E HolroydClerk, Lengthman & Hall Admin salary and expenses  for July.£2935.60
HMRCPAYE July£145.00
NEST (DD)Clerk’s pension July£92.09
SSE (DD)Scout Hut Electricity£189.90
Scot Power (DD)Clubhouse electricity£300.00
BT Payment Services Ltd (DD)Clubhouse line rental£40.66
Biffa Waste Services Ltd (DD)Waste Services£88.45
White Horse HorticultureOne cut of the Churchyard only

One cut of Village Hall Play Area

One cut either side of the junction of Westbrook street and London road

BroxapNew bin recreation ground car park (paid to be ratified)£373.14
Walters ElectricalReconnection of electrical supply to new water heaters in Clubhouse (paid to be ratified)£1030.00
J NewmanClubhouse cleaning July£216.00
Hallmaster LtdHallmaster system licence renewal (paid to be ratified)£226.80
CPREMembership renewal 22.6.22-21.6.23£36.00
PWLB DD 4.7.22Loan repayment VH refurb PW505556£3362.50
TOTAL £8,883.00


4.2 To acknowledge receipts to account during July 2022





P HooperMemorial£100.00
BVHEMCClubhouse/Melland Room Hire Fees Q1£4,344.13
BVHEMCHEH VH salary share£1,149.29
VWHDCVH Refurb Grant£10,000.00
Set in StoneLakeland memorial£75.00
TOTAL  £15,668.42



5.      To note the date of the next meeting: –

Wednesday 14th September at 7.00pm in the Melland Room of the Clubhouse.

The Clerk stated that it is not necessary to hold a Planning & Payments meeting in August, as this can be taken care of by Council ahead of time in July, or agreed by email in August & ratified in September. Those present were in favour. Clerk to note for 2023.


The meeting finished at 6.15pm.